College student buys bus and converts it into living space nicer than most apartments
This is a top-notch example of what combining a little thrift and innovation can do. He's laid this thing out so beautifully and it's still practical.
Ma Fatima Garcia

Do you plan to be an architect? Or are you already studying architecture?

For our architecture students, the school is the first world where they will discover their talent, ideas, and first projects.

They learn what they’re made of.

It’s not an easy course.

It’s actually rather challenging.

After many years, most students would be excited and nervous because they want to put all their knowledge into experience.

Usually, they would do this with their thesis or their first job.

A graduate student of UT architecture school had an idea to turn his knowledge into experience by converting a school bus into a tiny mobile home.

Caleb Brackney completed The Roamer Bus.

And he did it in just six months, right before his lease ended.

In February 2020, Caleb Brackney, with a budget of $10,000.00, bought an old school bus for $3,000.00 and decided to put his knowledge and vision to the test.

“I’m the oldest of seven kids and we spent most of the summer travelling out west to all the national parks and state parks. And so I’ve always considered myself a roamer,” he said with Euro News.

He then spent the remaining $7,000.00 in converting the 26-year-old school bus into his mobile dream home.

An old bus given new life

The 1995 International Thomas 3800 school bus was cleaned, repaired, and was painted matte black and tan.

The Roamer sign in front of the bus is beautiful, but according to Caleb, he made it from a scrap metal he found in school.

He gathered material everywhere he found it.

In fact, he said that he was able to stay within the budget for getting cheap yet quality materials from Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and even the dumpster.

As you enter the door, you will be greeted by a small bookshelf.

You’ll see the kitchen first.

You would notice how spacious it actually is. Caleb also has plenty of storage areas where he can store his groceries.

He has a small fridge, an old one from college.

Caleb also has a microwave, instant pot, air fryer, and even a convection oven. How cool is that?

Clever compostion

You’d even notice the Mason jar storage, the keyboard, and his large closet.

As you view the rear of the Roamer bus, you will see the television on a swivel-arm, which enables him to watch comfortably.

He also has a custom-built sofa that can easily be converted into a bed, in case someone wants to sleep over.

Caleb’s comfy queen-sized has a unique checkered inspired headboard that is actually small-spaced cabinets for; you’ve guessed it, additional storage.

Underneath that cozy bed is the 50-gallon freshwater tank.

He’s thought of everything.

Now, hidden beside his bed is a small door that leads to his bathroom.

Caleb’s vision was amazing, and he was able to complete his dream home in just a couple of months.

And he stayed within budget.

What’s great is that he’s able to showcase his talent with this project as well, and his name is now being recognized as one aspiring architect.

You can even check his Instagram account and be mesmerized by his creations. Today, Caleb, and his adorable dog, Ivy, enjoy their everyday life in their comfy home.

Take the full tour of the Roamer in the video below!

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By Ma Fatima Garcia
Ma Fatima Garcia is a contributor at SBLY Media.