Determined teen builds own tiny dream house with reclaimed materials from scratch

May 12th, 2021

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like.” – Will Rogers

Most of us fail to realize that we accumulate huge amounts of debts yearly, and before we know it, we spend more years paying for them.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to live debt-free?

When teenage boys have time to spare, they are usually busy playing mobile games, trying the latest trends in TikTok, playing their Xbox, and some even go to the gym.

We seldom see teens planning for their future careers, getting their own houses, and of course, living debt-free.

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At just 17 years old, Thomas Lear had a dream.

He wanted to build his own home and be able to live debt-free. There was no time to waste for this teenage boy.

Now, Tom didn’t want to burden anyone with his project. He wanted to build his house from scratch and on a tight budget.

He was already doing his apprenticeship at that time, so aside from fulfilling his dream, he also gained lots of experience.

According to Tom, he built his home on his grandparent’s land, so that’s a great start.

He then bought a trailer and started planning and making his dream home.

When building your own home, you need to consider so many things. From where you would get your materials to how much you would spend on each one.

You also need to stick to your budget; if you fail to do so, you might not complete your project.

That is why Tom made sure that he was able to do some price research before purchasing anything.

He was learning every day, and along with the new knowledge that he was gaining, he was able to complete his house.

From designing to choosing the right and affordable materials to putting them all together – Tom made it all work out.

Viewing his modest home, you can see how beautiful it is, especially because it’s surrounded by lush green grass.

You’d notice that the front of his house is made of larch wood, which, according to him, had a funny story behind it.

Tom said that the materials were located in a wasp’s nest.

So the owner dared him that they can have it as five pounds in length if they can get it off the dangerous location – and they did.

He got the doors and windows from a site that is known to sell second-hand materials.

Tom also used old planks that he bought from a scaffolding company and also added some scrap pieces of wood from work for his deck.

Everything worked out perfectly!

Now 21, Tom is proud to show his home.

He gives Bryce Langston, producer and host of Living Big In A Tiny House, a tour of his tiny but functional home.

You would be greeted by a beautiful painting and a foldable mini table where Tom can work as you go inside. He also has a second-hand couch that is very cozy, a log burner, and a TV.

You would see his tiny kitchen complete with a sink, a small oven, and a personal fridge on the left side of the house.

He has a small space for his bathroom that runs off the rainwater harvesting system. It’s very impressive as it can store up to 50 liters of water.

To get to his bedroom, Tom installed a pull-down wooden ladder from the ceiling to climb.

Now, according to his interview with Daily Mail, the estimated breakdown of his house is as follows:


Windows and doors £ 50

All Timber £2,000

Roof sheets and fixings £450

Screws £50

Insulation £300

Kitchen £200

Toilet £120

Guttering/water £55

Shower tin/shower tray £165

Decking £ 100

Plumbing £250

Electrics £800

Carpet/flooring £160

Cladding £350

Appliances/all interior £500

Paint £50

Log Burner £400

Total £,6000

Pretty impressive, right?

“I built it all from scratch on a budget. I just wanted to live a stress-free simple life. I own everything and that puts me at ease,” Tom said to The Sun UK.

Tom has everything he needs in his tiny home, he is living comfortably, and most of all, and he is debt-free.

Tom’s story is truly inspiring, and if you want to be updated with his projects, you can follow him here.

Watch Tom’s full tiny house tour below!

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