Weekend visits to grandma’s house were unmatched. No rules applied: we could have as much candy as we wanted, run freely through the halls, and misbehave without consequences. That’s why the classic home decor found in our grandparents’ living rooms is becoming popular again.

We all desire to be surrounded by items that bring joy and nostalgia and these items are a welcome comeback!

Quilted Throws

Taking inspiration from meticulously crafted vintage quilts, retailers have embraced the revival of these vibrant, honeycomb-patterned designs.

Infused with a delightful spectrum of colors, these quilts skillfully combine various smaller-scale patterns such as gingham, florals, and dots.

Just like your grandparents might have adorned their living room sofa with one or kept it neatly stored in a large basket of throws, you can follow suit by incorporating this honeycomb quilt into your decor.

Alternatively, you could even experiment with using it on your bed to achieve a charming, folk-inspired aesthetic.