The way you organize, decorate, and maintain the cleanliness of your personal space reveals much about your character, something that house cleaners often observe.

You take personal hygiene seriously

“It’s a weird contradiction, but clean people have filthy bathtubs,” Bryan C., an independent cleaner who has worked in other people’s homes for almost 30 years. He notes that individuals with spotless habits often have surprisingly grimy bathtubs. When confronted with pink residue buildup, hard-water stains, or an unkempt bathtub, he deduces, “it’s obvious to me that they take showers every day.”

According to him, the correlation is clear: the more meticulous someone is about cleanliness, the more likely their shower and tub are to exhibit signs of heavy use. Another contributing factor might be a commitment to self-care, as those who prioritize this aspect tend to spend significant time in the bathroom.