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Have Leftover Halloween Candy? Here Are 10+ Brilliant Ideas To Make Best Use Of It

November 2nd, 2017

Halloween is over and you thought you would have had more trick-or-treaters than you actually did and you’re left with a ton of candy.

So what should you do with all that leftover candy? Well, here are some tips if you’re trying to avoid going into a candy coma over the next few days.

Freeze It

One of the easiest things to do is to freeze your candy. This way you can take a piece out every now and again when you want a treat instead of binge eating it all over the next few days because it’s in front of your face everytime you open the pantry.

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Make Infused Vodka

You can actually make yummy flavors of vodka with candy. Here‘s an overview of how to make infused vodkas with 11 different types of vodka.

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Mix That Drink Source: Mix That Drink

Bake With It

There are tons of amazingly delicious recipes you can make with Halloween candy. You can find some recipes here.

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Make An Advent Calendar

You can use Halloween candy to make an Advent calendar. You can find the directions here.

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What Moms Love Source: What Moms Love

Trail Mix

You can use Reese’s Pieces, M&Ms, candy corn, and raisins (biggest eye-roll humanly possible) that you got on Halloween to put into a trail mix.

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Simply Taralynn Source: Simply Taralynn

Mocha Coffee

Give your coffee a sugary pick me up by putting some chocolate in it.

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Candy Corn Ice Cream

You can make a yummy ice cream from that leftover candy corn. Get the recipe here.

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Give It Away

Bring it to your office and leave it there. As long as it’s not in your house!

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Women's Diet Network Source: Women's Diet Network

Use It For Holiday Decor

You can use your candy to make a gingerbread house, Halloween wreath, or Christmas ornaments. You can use candy wrappers for decoupage.

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The Good Stuff Source: The Good Stuff

Have a Chocolate Wine Night

Have a wine tasting party and pair your wines your candy using the chart below.

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Vivino Source: Vivino

Save It For a Party

You can save your candy for your next party or use it in a piñata.

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James Shefik Source: James Shefik

Send It To Grandma

Most grandparents aren’t trick-or-treating and if they live in a retirement home it’s unlikely that they’ll have trick-or-treaters. So, grandma and grandpa will be happy to have some candy sent to them.

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Make a Milkshake

You can always turn your candy into a delicious milkshake. You can find some candy milkshake recipes here.

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Jocelyn Gordon Source: Jocelyn Gordon

Donate It to Charity

Organizations like Operation Shoebox accept candy and send it overseas to military personnel or to those in need.

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Patch Source: Patch

Candy Apples

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Delish Source: Delish

Use your candy pieces to make some delicious candy apples. Learn how here.

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