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Be Careful What You Microwave. According To Science, Here Are 12 Items That Are Unsafe To Microwave

November 8th, 2017

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t put metal inside of a microwave. But there are other lesser known items that should be kept out too.

Here are some of those items:

1) Nothing

Running the microwave without anything inside of it can damage or even cause a fire since there is nothing to absorb the microwaves.

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2) Paper Bags

Paper bags can release flammable toxins when put inside the microwave.

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3) Aluminum or Tin Foil

These are metallics and can catch fire.

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4) Take Out Containers

These are typically made of plastic which can melt and sometimes they have metallic components which can catch fire.

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5) Frozen Meat

It’s difficult to assess how well heat evenly distributes through meat depending on its thickness. Bacteria can grow and spread when heat isn’t properly distributed. So, its best to defrost meat in the refrigerator.

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6) Travel Mugs and Bottles

Unless your bottle or mug specifically says that it’s microwave safe, then you should keep it out of your microwave. The stainless steel can block heat from warming the contents of your mug and also damage your microwave. The plastic type can melt.

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7) Yogurt or Butter Containers

These containers will not be able to handle the high temperature of your microwave. They can also release chemicals into your food.

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8) Hot Peppers

If they don’t catch fire first, they can release chemicals that will burn your eyes when you open the microwave door.

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9) Styrofoam

Don’t do it. Not even for a few seconds. Not unless you want to unleash toxin into your food and clean up a melted mess in your microwave.

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10) Sauce or Dip Without a Cover

You’ll end up cleaning a splattered mess, so make sure you cover it even if it’s just with a paper towel.

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11) Grapes

Grapes will explode in your microwave and, believe it or not, can catch fire.

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12) Tupperware

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Again, these are plastic and can warp, melt, catch fire, or release toxins when put in the microwave if they aren’t microwave safe.

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