Everyone loves a bargain and most people are willing to shop around, even going to several different stores to find the products they need at affordable prices. Some people prefer to shop at discount stores.

Big Lots is a liquidation store. That means they buy bulk products from stores that are going out of business or have too much inventory. Many of these products are brand name items while others may be defective. Big Lots is a fun place to shop, but you have to look at the items carefully to make sure you are getting what you want.

You may buy a sweater only to find that it has a hole in it when you put it on. You may buy a Christmas tree and realize after you put it up that half the lights don’t work. On the other hand, you may find an expensive sofa for a fraction of the cost of the same one in a furniture store.

If you plan on shopping at Big Lots or any discount store for that matter, you need to know how to navigate those shelves. There are certain things you should buy and some you shouldn’t. Here are some suggestions.