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People are upcycling old bike tires into merry-go-rounds for their chickens

April 23rd, 2021

People who keep chickens as pets or barnyard animals tend to be quite passionate about them.

Similar to those who keep cats and dogs as animal friends, chicken owners love to spoil their little ones. If that means building tiny amusement parks to keep them happy, then that’s exactly what they will do.

These DIY chicken merry-go-rounds will keep them entertained.

My chickens love their merry-go – round; I have happy chickens!

Posted by Harold-Shelia Logan Jr. on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Chickens have more personality than many people give them credit for.

Like humans, chickens love to have fun, explore, and just kind of check stuff out. People who keep chickens enjoy creating stimulating environments for them just as many cat owners will do.

Merry-go-round for the ladies ✔️ I swear I have some spoiled rotten chickens 😂🐔😂

Posted by Shelly Collins onTuesday, April 13, 2021

Keeping chickens occupied and happy in their coop.

Part of keeping and caring for chickens (or any animal for that matter) includes making sure they have everything they need to be happy. That includes entertainment and things to keep their days interesting.

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Julie Ann Sanderson/Facebook Source: Julie Ann Sanderson/Facebook

What happens if chickens get bored?

Bored chickens tend to engage in bad behaviors. These can include pecking at and fighting with one another and pulling out each other’s feathers.

Being bored is just as frustrating for chickens as it is for humans and other animals. All living beings need to have things to do and to be engaged in order to function properly.

One method for this with chickens is to hang up a piece of cabbage as something of a chicken-pinata-like toy.

Not only does this keep the chickens entertained, but it also gives them a healthy source of nourishment.

There is another fun toy you can build for your chickens if you are so inclined, however, and all you need is some old bicycle tires.

This simple setup is the life of the party.

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Julie Ann Sanderson/Facebook Source: Julie Ann Sanderson/Facebook

Chicken merry-go-rounds are about to become all the rage in chicken society. They will be like PS5s, where everyone wants them but only a few are able to get their hands (or beaks) on them.

To do this, all you need to do is remove the wheel from a bike.

Then lay the wheel out overtop something so the chickens are able to spin and ride on top. The chickens seem to know how to just jump right on and go for a ride.

They might not react like a human on a rollercoaster but their behavior tends to show it is an enjoyable experience for them.

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Julie Ann Sanderson/Facebook Source: Julie Ann Sanderson/Facebook

The wheels can be spread out through your coop, garden, backyard, or wherever your chickens like to roam.

They help make their days more interesting, fun, and unique!

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Shelly Collins/Facebook Source: Shelly Collins/Facebook

People react to merry-go-rounds for chickens.

People have been responding to posts of chicken merry-go-rounds online.

“Omg I love this. So mesmerizing.. I could watch it all day,” one person wrote.

“Now I have to try this!! Craigslist, free bikes time,” wrote another.

“By The reaction of my merry go round I need to make these and sell them,” wrote Harold-Shelia Logan Jr.

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Shelly Collins/Facebook Source: Shelly Collins/Facebook

It certainly sounds as though this idea is gaining traction with people who have chickens. More and more chickens will be riding merry-go-rounds as these stories are shared with others and we think that’s great!

If you have a backyard flock, this is a fun DIY to keep them happy!

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