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Transform A Bookcase Into A Organizer And Space-Saver For The Kitchen
Jenny Brown

Can you ever have “too much space?” I really don’t think so. People always complain about too little space, but very rarely (if not never) do you hear someone complain about having too much space. Having space means having options, and options make life so much easier!

Amy, a blogger at 11 Magnolia Lane, is a DIY-er who loves to be creative. She needed more space in her kitchen, and she came up with the perfect solution. Having noticed unused space underneath her kitchen counter, Amy decided to transform the space into a kitchen organizer.


A bookcase would fit perfectly in this space. It’s shelves could be used as an organizer and space-saver. With this thought in mind, Amy went to work.


Starting with an unfinished bookcase and unassembled bookcases she found at IKEA, Amy went to work. She enlisted the help of her father to help trim the boards to her perfectly-measured specifications.


After they were all trimmed, she spray painted them white to match all the pieces. Since she was using pieces from differing sets, this made them all look uniform.

bookcasebuilt2 Bookcase5

While Amy had thoroughly planned and mapped out the project, there were a few bumps along the road. For instance, Amy thought that the walls and countertops in her home were perfectly straight. This wasn’t the case. Amy was forced to make some extra measurements and adjustments to compensate for the countertop and wall not being squared.


Adjustments for the walls created odd measurements for the rest of her project, but Amy made it work. She added metal brackets to the boards to provide extra support. She attached these exactly where she wanted to put the horizontal shelves so that the shelf would hide them.


Amy then placed facing boards on the edges to make it feel like a built-in cabinet.


Just look at the result. It completely utilizes the previously unused space, and it solves Amy’s lack-of-kitchen-space problem. Best of all, it looks beautiful!

Bookcase15 Bookcase12

You can find the full step-by-step breakdown of Amy’s DIY project on her website, 11 Magnolia Lane.

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[Source: 11 Magnolia Lane]