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16 stunning ideas to squeeze that extra space out of a small room

January 24th, 2017

If you have small rooms, then you are completely aware of the challenges they present. Tiny spaces can leave you feeling hopeless when trying to arrange furniture or attempting to find storage. That’s why we’ve compiled 16 photos that will help you transform your small spaces into something extraordinary. Once you see these fun and creative ideas, you’ll be wishing you had more small spaces to work with!

1. Rollaway beds

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Rollaway beds will transform any room into a cool spot for guests. When putting away, these three beds take up the space of just one! This is a great idea for people who have overnight guests and limited rooms.

2. Take advantage of natural light

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Letting in natural light will make a room feel much larger than it actually is. Opt for sheer curtains or blinds rather than drapes.

3. Create an accent wall

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Everyone wants to express themselves in their space, but when you have a smaller room, decorating too much begins to look overwhelming. Choosing one wall as an accent for the space allows you to give the room a pop without making it feel small. Just look at how cozy this one is!

4. Use all of the nooks and crannies

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When you convert oddly shaped spaces (for example: attic rooms), don’t be put off by all of the angles and strange nooks. Instead, use those tucked away spaces to your advantage for storage.

5. Make everything flow

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The way you arrange your furniture will make all of the difference! Try something like this if you have a small rectangular room. It’ll be sure to leave some space and keep the room flowing.

6. Use curtains creatively

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Curtains aren’t just for windows. They’re great for sectioning off different spaces without making the small space feel crowded. Just look at how cozy this bed space is!

7. Create a loft

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If you can, take advantage of any height you have in the room. Lofts are a cool way to create more space when it’s otherwise limited.

8. Make storage your best friend

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We love the idea of visually appealing storage. Clutter is the first thing to make any space look small, so be sure to embrace shelves, drawers, and cabinets!

9. Bright whites

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Stay away from dark colors when you’re decorating your small spaces. Most of the time, they’ll make small rooms feel claustrophobic. We recommend sticking to bright colors. This all white room is the perfect example of how much a paint color can make a difference!

10. Build up

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If you can’t build out, build up! Ideas like this easily create two very cool, very functional spaces. With spots this neat, everyone will want to hang out in your small spaces.

11. Bunk beds

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They aren’t just for summer camp cabins. Bunk beds open up floor space without losing sleep space. They’re perfect, especially for kids’ rooms!

12. Think outside of the box

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When it feels like your space is literally a box, it’s important to get creative. Take a cue from this photo and you’ll be sure to have plenty of ideas for utilizing your small space.

13. Get a step-up on storage

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We are all about this bed! Drawers up the stairs, drawers on the side, drawers under the bed, drawers everywhere! This is the perfect way to have plenty of storage without having to sacrifice your already limited space.

14. Tuck away your furniture

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Putting your bigger pieces in hidden spaces will open up your small rooms. Plus, it creates a cozy hide-away for napping or reading.

15. Murphy beds

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If you have a small space that needs to serve two purposes, then you should look into getting a murphy bed. They stay stored up against the wall and lock down when they’re needed. It’s a great way to have an office that doubles as a guest room.

16. Be minimal

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The easiest way to maximize on a small space is to keep it simple. Adopting a minimalist style will keep everything looking neat and open. That’s the very reason we love the look of this room.

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