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Trouble Losing Weight? Here Are 11 Proven Ways To Speed Up Weight Loss

May 15th, 2018

For some people, losing weight is a long and tedious process, as the pounds seem to take forever to come off. But help is on the way! Consider these 11 tips that may help you shed pounds faster.

Try Spicy Food

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Eating spicy food is linked to a raised metabolism. In addition to upping your body’s metabolism by up to eight percent, spicy foods also cause you to slow down when eating, resulting in a sense of fullness without having to eat as much food.

Get More Sleep

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Getting enough sleep is an important part of the natural functioning of your body. Studies show that getting enough rest can result in eating six percent fewer calories.

Eat Your Food on a Contrasting Plate

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Eating your food on a plate that contrasts in color with your meal can result in eating less. In addition, eating your meals in a blue room can result in eating 33 percent less than you normally would.

Make Sure to Laugh

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EmaxHealth Source: EmaxHealth

Laughing regularly is a great way to burn calories. Laughing has been shown to increase circulation and your heart rate. In fact, an hours worth of laughing can burn as many calories as a 30-minute workout.

Turn Off the Lights When Sleeping

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Harvard Medical School Source: Harvard Medical School

Sleeping in the dark is also another way to lose some weight. When sleeping in the dark, the body produces melatonin. Melatonin also increases the production of brown fat in the body, a higher burner of calories than white fat, the predominant type of fat in the body.

Turn up the Cold When Sleeping

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When sleeping, make sure your room stays at the nice, cool temperature of 66 degrees. This cold temperature causes the body to burn more fat to keep warm, resulting in weight loss.

Avoid Multitasking While Eating

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Shape Source: Shape

Multitasking is a bad activity while snacking or eating. When your mind is preoccupied you tend to lose focus on how much you eat. Before you know it, you’ve eaten way more than you intended.

Avoid Soft Drinks

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ActiveWomoms Source: ActiveWomoms

While you need to make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, up to 64 ounces according to experts, you should also avoid sugary drinks, such as soda. If you need a change from water, try drinking tea. Green tea, in particular, contains healthy antioxidants and can protect against cancer.

Stick to Healthy Snacks

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Eat This Source: Eat This

Eating healthy snacks in between meals is a good way to keep off the pounds. Spreading out your calories throughout the day can give you a sense of fullness as opposed to waiting until you are hungry to eat, which might cause you to eat more.

Eat Soup Before Your Main Meal

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Eating a bowl of soup before your main meal can keep you from indulging as much in other foods. The reasoning behind this is that you have to wait as the soup cools, giving your brain the illusion that you have eaten longer and imparting a sense of fullness.

Use Strength Training While Working Out

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Strength training can increase the metabolism in your body, causing it to burn more calories. And while aerobic exercise is necessary for heart health, aerobic exercise usually doesn’t affect your metabolism.

Losing weight is a great way to improve your overall health. While weight loss is difficult for some, luckily you have some options to help you speed up this process.

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