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Add gelatin to your diet for an unexpected effect on your joints, skin, and stomach
Anthea Poppmeier

Whether you realize it or not you have consumed more gelatin in your lifetime than you may be aware of. Ever had Jell-O? Or soft chewy candy?

Due to its physical properties gelatin is found in a wide variety of household food products. Think of it as the natural glue-like substance, which gives Jell-O it’s wobbly texture and binds ingredients to make many of your favorite candies.


Aside from these properties, gelatin is actually an important source of many nutrients that we may not be getting enough of. Gelatin is actually a protein derived from cooking collagen-rich animal products like skin, bone, and muscle. This may sound quite unappealing however gelatin is completely colorless and tasteless so you most likely won’t know you are eating it.

Thankfully we don’t have to rely on sweet treats and desserts to get in enough gelatin. We are now able to get gelatin in supplement form, or if you are feeling inspired, by making a batch of nutritious bone broth.

Start increasing your intake to reap many of the following health benefits.

Skin Health

Gelatin is derived from a protein called Collagen. Collagen is vital for skin elasticity and the renewal of skin cells and therefore plays a role in slowing down the aging process. When we reach our late 20’s the body starts becoming depleted of collagen, which is why we start forming dreaded wrinkles.

Many skin care products boast that they contain collagen as a key ingredient but the problem with this is collagen as a protein is too large to be absorbed through the skin. It is for this reason that it is a must to add collagen to our diets. This study from the journal of Clinical Interventions of Aging shows that daily consumption of collagen-rich supplements reduced visible signs of aging.


Strong Bones

It is easy to forget that our bones are actually living structures which change as we age and in response to our nutritional status. Gelatin contains important minerals like calcium and magnesium that are essential for maintaining our bone health and preventing fractures or a loss of bone density.

The powers of gelatin extend even further as studies may now prove that gelatin may act as an effective treatment for treating chronic bone disorders like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Natural antidepressant

The main amino acid found in gelatin is glycine. Glycine is a particularly useful as it is an “inhibitory neurotransmitter”. To put it simply, this means that it acts in a similar manner to many antidepressant or anti-anxiety drugs on the market. Best of all, without the nasty side effects.

Improved sleep quality

Glycine, the same amino acid, which helps to improve our mood and calm us, may also help us sleep better. This study showed that gelatin might help people who continuously suffer from a poor quality of sleep or struggle to fall asleep.

The quality of the sleep was also improved without being detrimental to the individual’s’ level of functioning the following day. Especially in comparison to traditional sleep medications.

Only 3 grams of gelatin was needed before bedtime to be effective.


Curbs hunger

Protein rich foods are extremely effective at ensuring we stay fuller for longer, and because gelatin is a natural derivative of protein rich foods it, too, shares this property. Various studies have shown that taking gelatin supplements (up to 20 grams) helps increase satiety and control hormones like leptin and ghrelin, which are responsible for our hunger signals.

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