15 Ways To Upcycle A Dresser

March 6th, 2018

Dressers are pretty heavy duty pieces of furniture, so we often spend a lot on them since we get so much use out of them. So between their weight the what it cost us, most of us would like to try and upcycle them instead of hauling them to the curb just because they are a little beat up.

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Vintage Restyled Source: Vintage Restyled

There are lots of ways you can repurpose an old dresser, here are 15:

1) Rolling Tool Chest

Toss some casters on the bottom and pulls on the side of an old dresser and you got yourself a rolling tool chest. Learn how to make it here.

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CraftNest Source: CraftNest

2) Plastic Bin Storage

If you want to be able to see the items you’re storing you can put them on display in plastic containers then inside the dresser.

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A Cultivated Nest Source: A Cultivated Nest

3) Kitchen Island

Pop out the bottom drawer and add some food safe contact paper to the top and you’ve got yourself a kitchen island. See how it was done here.

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Number Fifty Three Source: Number Fifty Three

4) Portable Bar

A few adjustments to your dresser can turn it into a home bar.

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Bliss Ranch Source: Bliss Ranch

5) Entertainment Center

Let your old dresser double as an entertainment center by removing some of the drawers. This project couldn’t be easier. See how it was done here.

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At The Park's Source: At The Park's

6) Secretary Desk

This adorable secretary’s desk was modeled after an IKEA design and made from an old dresser. Find out how it was done here.

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In My Own Style Source: In My Own Style

7) Wine Cabinet

Turn your old dresser into a chic place to store all your wine bottles.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

8) China Cabinet

Remove your drawers and store your china inside. Boom… instant china cabinet.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

9) Hide Your Printer

Pop the front of one of your drawers off and add a few hinges so you can pop the door down and have easy access to your printer. Learn how to make this hideaway printer cabinet here.

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PB & J Stories Source: PB & J Stories

10) Bathroom Vanity

An old vintage dresser can easily be turned into a bathroom vanity. Just pop out the back and leave a hole for the plumbing.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

11) Bench

Believe it or not, this bench used to be a dresser. Get the DIY instructions to make it here.

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The Owner Builder Network Source: The Owner Builder Network

12) Hallway Table

Remove the bottom drawer and use your dresser as a hallway table.

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High FX Media Source: High FX Media

13) Outdoor Dining Table

Enjoy a lovely meal outside by turning your old dresser into an outdoor dining table.

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bloomingcactus.me Source: bloomingcactus.me

14) Pet Bed

You can also turn a small dresser into an adorable pet bed. Get the details here.

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Brian Patrick Flynn Source: Brian Patrick Flynn

15) Child’s Clothes Dresser

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Rambling Renovators Source: Rambling Renovators

Your kids will love playing with their fancy dress up station. Take out the upper drawers, add a tension rod, and add a mirror to the side of it to create a little dress up station.

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Source: A Cultivated Nest