10 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose Pool Noodles

February 25th, 2018

Summer is right around the corner which means that it will soon be time to get the pool ready. When replacing your pool toys this year you might want to hang onto your floating pool noodles.

As there are lots of ways they can be upcycled into cool projects that make your home a better place. And if you don’t have any extra pool noodles, you can buy them at the dollar store.

Here are 10 brilliant ways to repurpose pool noodles:

1) Car Door Bumper

Slice a pool noodle and affix it to your garage door. This will serve as a bumper so you and your family won’t scrape the car doors or your garage walls. This is especially great for narrow garages!

Source: Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford

2) Car Seat Footrest

Does your kid constantly kick the back of your seat? Use a rope to attach a pool noodle to the bottom of their car seat so they have a place to put their feet other than the back of your seat.

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Photobucket/mommy2cias Source: Photobucket/mommy2cias

3) Doorstop

Put an end to slamming doors with this doorstop. Learn how to craft one here.

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Muslin & Merlot Source: Muslin & Merlot

4) Headband Holder

Cover some pool noodles with fabric and ribbon to create a place to organize your headbands. You can find a tutorial here.

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Bauble 'n Babbles Source: Bauble 'n Babbles

5) Makeshift Clubhouse

Make a soft foam playhouse with some pool noodles with the instructions you find here.

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baubles n babbles Source: baubles n babbles

6) Floating Cup Holder

Enjoy a mid-swim beverage with this floating cup holder made from pool noodle pieces.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

7) Parked Car Bumper Protector

Protect your car when it’s parked by making a bumper from pool noodles. Just pop it back in the trunk when you’re ready to go.

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cheecheebeans Source: cheecheebeans

8) Store Fabric

Wrap spare fabric around pool noodles and secure with a pin or ribbon to keep it wrinkle-free.

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lakeonthestitchery Source: lakeonthestitchery

9) Paintbrush Holder

Cut slices into a pool noodle to hold paintbrushes and tools on the side of your bucket.

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How Does She Source: How Does She

10) Pool Noodle Boat

Create a giant float by combining pool noodles.

Source: Specific Love Creations

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Source: How Does She