10 Ways To Recycle Tray Tables

March 1st, 2018

Tray tables are SUPER convenient. They allow us to enjoy a snack while watching TV without making a mess and can come in handy when you’re too sick to get out of bed.

So most of us have tray tables in their home.

That means that they get a lot of use and can wear out quickly. But why toss them to the curb when they are starting to look shabby? There are lots of ways you can repurpose or makeover a beat-up looking tray table.

You can also buy a used one at a local thrift store and spruce it up so you can have a great looking tray table at half the cost.

Here are some ways you can reuse tray tables:

1) Ironing Board

Just add a heat-safe cushion to the top of your tray table to turn it into a portable ironing table that can be moved from room to room. Learn how to do this below.

Source: Whitney Sews

2) Side Table

This standard tray table was spraypainted and had some knobs glued to it. A rope was then run through the knobs to create this cute nautical look. Find out how it was done here.

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Apartment Therapy Source: Apartment Therapy

3) Marble It

Tray tables can look really boring. Turn it into a chic modern piece with some spraypaint and faux marble contact paper.

Source: Marina Martin TV

4) Magnet Board

Hang the top of a metal tray table and use the underside and magnets as a board to hang stuff on.

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Homedit Source: Homedit

5) Nightstand

Attach a drawer on the top of the tray table and paint it one color so they match and turn it into this Pottery Barn knockoff nightstand.

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The Summery Umbrella Source: The Summery Umbrella

6) Planter

Attach a drawer on top of it and toss in some potted plants to create a unique planter.

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Happy Together By Jess Source: Happy Together By Jess

7) Lego Table

Once you’ve known the pain of stepping on a Lego, you’ll never want to experience that pain again. Put an end to stepping on Legos forever and make this portable Lego table. Get the directions on how to make one here.

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Anika's DIY Life Source: Anika's DIY Life

8) Dipped Chevron Table

How gorgeous is this! All it takes is some paint and tape to create this adorable accent piece.

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Setting For Four Source: Setting For Four

9) Put a Bird On It

Use a stencil to decorate your tray table with a cute bird design.

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The Daily Adventure Source: The Daily Adventure

10) Chalkboard Table

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

Give it a coat of some chalkboard paint and give your kids a cool surface to play with chalk indoors.

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