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28 Must-Know Camping Tricks That Will Make Life So Much Easier
Never know when these tips might come in handy!
Jenny Brown

Camping and the great outdoors is quite the unique, but wonderful experience. You experience life at its simplest and purest form. There are no distractions like email or text messages. No internet to distract you from the world around you. It’s just you and Mother Nature.

But for many of us, camping can be quite daunting because we are simply not used to life without technology. That’s why you need to be prepared before you go outdoors and camp.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of must-know camping tricks that will help you when you are outdoors.

Bring foam tiles for a better night’s sleep

Foam tiles provide a nice cushion and padding for you to sleep on.


DIY Lantern

Strap a lamp to an empty jug of water. This will emanate light to the rest of your tent.


Pack bread in a tin can

This is an easy way to carry bread. Learn how by clicking here.


Know poisonous plants

Some plants are poisonous. Make sure you are well aware as to which ones are.


Sandpaper to help light a match

Add sandpaper to the top of a matchbox so you can easily light any match.


Toilet paper holder

Keep toilet paper dry by making this efficient holder out of an empty coffee container.


To go toothpaste

Dab toothpaste onto a paper plate. Then let them dry. Put them in a plastic bag and you have on the go toothpaste.


Campfire crescent rolls

You can fill these with delicious stuffing such as Nutella or pizza toppings. See the tutorial here.


Store spices in empty Tic Tac boxes

Store various spices in empty Tic Tac cases.


Snuggle in a two-person sleeping bag


Hang out in a hammock

Find these awesome hammocks here.


Single-use pouches

Create single-use pouches for various supplies such as lotion and ointments by following these instructions.


Single serve coffee

Using dental floss and a coffee filter you can create single serve coffee. Find out how by clicking here.


Or just bring single-serve coffee packs from your favorite coffee store.


DIY candlesticks for a romantic evening

Create a nice romantic atmosphere with these DIY candlesticks. Learn how to make them by clicking here.


DIY Hand Washing Station

Create your own hand washing station by using an empty detergent bottle.


Store a first aid kit in a pill bottle

It’s small and easy to carry.


Premade pancake mix

Make pancakes over a fire by using this mix. Find instructions here.


DIY washing machine

Make your own washing machine using a plunger and a bucket. Find instructions here.


Store charcoal in an egg carton

It’s easy to carry and combustible out of the box.


Pocket-sized oil lamps

Using travel shampoo bottles, you can make oil lamps. Instructions can be found here.


Use fresh herbs on charcoal for flavor

Don’t use rub or marinade that can get messy. Use fresh herbs instead.

Follow directions here.


Toast Starburst as a fun treat

They taste great with some heat.


Cinnamon rolls

Don’t these look delicious? Find the recipe here.


Biodegradable tape

Mark your trails with this tape. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt the environment.


Cotton swab fire starter

Dip cotton swabs in wax for a quick fire starter.


Freezer bottles

Freeze gallon jugs of water to keep food cold. You can also melt to drink!


Emergency fire kits

Use empty Altoids tins, cardboard, and wax to make an emergency fire kit. Find instructions here.


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