Try These Little Known Uses For Baking Soda – It’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier

Baking soda is one of those ingredients that you always have in your pantry but you have no idea how versatile it is or how many things it can actually do in your home.

So, let us enlighten you.

From tenderizing meat to keeping your flowers fresh, baking soda can do it all. Here are the top most uncommon uses for baking soda:

Plant Food

Your flowering alkaline loving plants (such as your clematis, delphinium, and dianthus) will thrive if you give them a boost of baking soda. Just mix one tablespoon of baking soda with two liters of water and sprinkle it over your flowers. The blooms should become fuller and healthier.

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Soothe a Burn

If you burn yourself on the stove or elsewhere you can pour some baking soda into a bowl of ice water. Dip a cloth or paper towel in it and press it on your burn. Keep pressing this solution into your skin until it doesn’t feel hot anymore. This method will keep your burn from blistering.


Freshen Your Breath/Canker Sores

Eat some garlic or onions and have a lingering taste in your mouth? Get rid of it right away by pouring one teaspoon of baking soda in a half of a glass of water and gargle with the solution. The odors will be neutralized by the baking soda. This method will also soothe a canker sore.

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You can skip the chemical filled deodorants by sprinkling a teaspoons worth of baking soda under your armpits with a powder puff. This will keep your pits from stinking.

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Tenderize Meat

Soften your tougher cuts of meat by rubbing it in baking soda and letting it sit in the refrigerator for three to five hours. Thoroughly rinse it before you cook. This will make your meat super tender.

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Eliminate Musty Odors

Fill a toe of a sock with three or f0ur tablespoons of baking soda and tie a knot at the end of it so that the baking soda doesn’t fall out. Place this in cabinets, drawers or any place else that has a yucky smell that you want to get rid of. Replace every month as needed.

Who knew that baking soda had so many amazing uses?!?! Check out the video below for details on the fantastic ways you can use baking soda in your home.

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