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15 Ways to Use Coke to Clean Things

February 7th, 2018

Coca-Cola has been a beloved soft drink in America for decades. But it’s not only for drinking. The heavy carbonation actually makes it an effective cleaner.

Here’s how you can use Coca-Cola to clean your home.

1) Dead Bug

When you find your windshield and bumper covered in dried dead bugs you can pour some Coke on it and wipe it away with a washcloth. Make sure you don’t leave it on long and clean it all up because it can ruin your paint job.

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2) Old Coins

Plop your dirty copper coins into some Coke and watch the filth lift up to leave them sparkling clean. Just rinse and dry.

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3) Remove Blood Stains

Pour some Coke over your blood stain and launder your item as normal to get rid of the stain.

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4) Rust

The acid in your cola can strip rust right off. There a few different ways to go about removing it with Coke. You can submerge your item in soda for 24 hours or saturate the area with soda and use a sponge with soda to scrub the rust stain. You can also dip a piece of tin foil in Coke and use that to scrub rust away. Learn more here.

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5) Car Battery

Pour some Coca-Cola on a cloth and use it to clean off your car battery.

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6) Burnt-On Stains

Think that scorched pot or pan is ruined for good? Not if you have Coke. Pour a whole can of Coke into your pot or pan and put it on the stove on low. After an hour you should be able to easily clean away all those burnt-on stains.

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7) Copper Kettle

You can descale a copper kettle by using the method listed above for cookware.

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8) Garden Fertilizer

Your grass and compost will eat up all that sugar and flourish if you sprinkle some soda on it.

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9) Grease Stains

Grease stains can completely ruin your clothing, but before you toss your favorite sweatshirt out pour some Coke into your washing machine along with your powdered soap and run the load as you normally would. Just don’t do this on wool or silk.

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10) Oil Stains Off the Garage Floor

If you have oil staining your garage floor or driveway, pour some Coca-Cola on it and let it sit for a little while before hosing it off.

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11) Toilet Bowl

There’s an easier way to remove all that limescale from your toilet bowl. Pour a can of Coke on the inside of your bowl. Make sure you cover the stains. Let it sit for an hour then flush your toilet clean. The limescale should be bleached so that you can scrub them away with your toilet brush.

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12) Bathroom Tile Grout

Pour Coke over your tiles and grout and use a brush to scrub everything clean.

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13) Coffee Pot

Your coffee pot can get pretty gnarly and covered in limescale. Scrubbing it might not get it crystal clear. Try pouring some Coke into the glass carafe of your coffee pot and let it sit before your scrub and rinse as you would normally.

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14) Clean Your Engine

Use a rag soaked in Coke to clean off a car engine.

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15) Vitreous China

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Use a rag soaked in Coke to wipe away stains from vitreous china.

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