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15 Ways To Use Duct Tape

September 18th, 2017

Duct tape is one of the handiest things we could have in our home. There are few things that duct tape can’t handle. But there are plenty that it can.

Here are 15 uses for duct tape:

Collapsible Cut

Cover the bottom half of a mason jar with duct tape. Use the sticky side out of the tape for the first layer. Make several layers so that the tape becomes a firm solidified piece. Use a piece around the circumference of the jar. Pull the tape off of the jar and it will be in the shape of a collapsible cup.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

Remove Warts

Place a piece of duct tape over your wart for six days to eliminate it and prevent the wart from spreading.

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Healthy Holistic World Source: Healthy Holistic World

Pencil Topper

You can create some really cute pencil and pen toppers with duct tape which will make using a pencil or pen much more fun. You can get a bunch of ideas here.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

Pencil/Hook Case

You can make this cute little slip case to store your pencils or crocheting needles and hooks.

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Flickr/Dvortygirl Source: Flickr/Dvortygirl

Remove Pet Hair

Run a piece of duct tape over an area to remove pet hair. You can even wrap some around a clean paint roller to make it easier for larger areas.

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The Family Handyman Source: The Family Handyman

Outdoor Pillow

Use duct tape to cover a pillow so that it is weather resistant.

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Duct Tape Fashion Source: Duct Tape Fashion

Open a Jar

Layer a few pieces of duct tape on the half of the lid on your jar. Pull the tape to remove the lid.

Source: CrazyRussianHacker

Waterproof Boots

You can also wrap your boots in duct tape to help repel water. You can even make costume boots this way.

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Packing Light Travel Source: Packing Light Travel


You can create some pretty good looking and durable bags and purses out of duct tape. You’ll find some ideas and tutorials here.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

Cover a Light Strip Plate

If the light switch plates in your home are shot, you can spruce them up again with some patterned duct tape.

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Duct Tape Crafts Source: Duct Tape Crafts

Nose Strip

Need to get rid of those blackheads? Wash and dry your face, then use a piece of duct tape in place of a nose strip. Rub your finger over the strip, grip your face and pull off the tape. It will pull out your blackheads.

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Leaf Source: Leaf

Corner Bookmark

You can make a cute little bookmark to cover the corner of your pages by following the instructions here.

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Duck Brand Source: Duck Brand

Card Holder

Got more cards than your wallet knows what do to with? You can make this sweet little card holder from duct tape.

Source: I Love Doing All things crafty!

Lunch Bag

It’s real easy to lose a lunch bag. Instead of buying an expensive one you can make some really cute ones out of duct tape. Learn how here.

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Making Cooley Stuff Source: Making Cooley Stuff


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Guide Patterns Source: Guide Patterns

You can construct a wallet with duct tape that will be less likely to slide out of your pants because of its texture. Get the instructions on how to build one here.

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Source: Good Housekeeping, featured image credit: The Confidential Files