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8+ Uses For Lip Balm Other Than Lips

October 26th, 2020

Every woman carries a lip balm in her bag.

It doesn’t matter if the bag is big or small, there will always be at least one lip balm in it. After all, chapped lips are a no-no. Yes, some use it for beauty reasons but for most women, chapped lips hurt.

Did you know, though, that lip balm can actually be used in a number of things?

Yes, we’re here to show you lip balm hacks. Are you ready?

1. Protect blisters

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Blisters on the feet are so painful. And most of the time blisters appear on the feet because we push our feet to walk more than usual in our shoes, or we’re wearing new shoes.

If you’re pushing yourself to walk more and you already know where the blisters will appear, apply lip balm on the area liberally.

And if you’re breaking in new shoes, find the places where your shoe will rub against your skin and form blisters. Apply lip balm liberally on that area, too.

2. Use on small cuts or hangnails.

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Got a nasty paper cut or *yegad* hangnails? Get that lip balm from your bag and apply it carefully to the wound.

This should only be done when you don’t have a bandage in your bag. Lip balm will help seal it from further infection. Once you have access to soap, water, and a bandage, then clean and apply bandage.

3. Sore nose

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It happens.

It happens especially when there’s a change of weather or we get caught in the rain or snow or very cold temperatures. We’ll catch a cold and sneeze for days.

Our poor noses!

All that sneezing and blowing takes a toll on our nose and it gets more raw and sore every time we do this. And, just like with our chapped lips, we can use lip balm on our chapped noses to protect it and lessen the pain.

4. Shine Shoes

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Can you believe you can shine shoes with lip balm? Unbelievable!

Of course, you still need a complete shine work-up to really take care of your shoes. But if it’s got small scruffs, you can use your lip balm to take care of it.

Isn’t that amazing?

5. Remove a stuck ring

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Is your ring stuck on your finger? And the dental floss is not working?

No problem!

Get your lip balm and apply it on the edges. Now watch that ring slip off your finger.

6. Tame the frizz

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Don’t you just hate it when you do everything to take care of your hair and the frizz just won’t go away?

So you apply so much hair products to tame that frizz and, in effect, damage your hair in the process?

There’s a simple solution. Use your lip balm.

Just apply the frizz and watch it tame down.

You can also use it on your eyebrows in between waxing appointments. Keep it all in one place and one direction with a touch of lip balm.

7. Stuck window

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Do you have a window in your home that you can’t open because it’s stuck?

Here’s a quick solution. Apply as much lip balm as you can on the window track.

Then use all your muscle power to pull it up open.

8. Keep shoe laces tied

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Getting frustrated with your shoe laces getting untied?

Apply lip balm on the ribbon as soon as you’ve finished tying it up. Be sure to double knot the laces before you apply the lip balm. And when you walk, the balm will make the laces pull against each other and tighten the laces even more.

Removing it won’t be a problem with your hands. But at least now, you don’t need to worry about the laces getting untied every time you move.

Watch the video below for even more uses for lip balm!

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