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Uses For Old Glass Jars
These are great! Do you know of any other uses for old glass jars?
D.G. Sciortino

Lots of us clean out and reuse glass food jars that come from pickles or jelly figuring that we can store food in them or find some other use for them.

But more often than not, they just end up accumulating and taking up space in our cabinets and drawers.

But what to do with them? Here are some ideas…

Photo Jar

Place a photo inside of a jar upside down, put the top back on and display your photo upside down to create a quirky photo display. Some people do this right side up and fill the jar with vegetable oil and decorate the jar.

Pin Cushion

Fill a jar with sewing supplies and glue piece of fabric stuffed with some cotton or other stuffing onto your lid to create the pin cushion. Now you have a cute little pin cushion/sewing kit. Check out how it’s done in the video below.

Fancy Canisters

Paint the lid of your canister whatever color you like. You can also paint the entire jar if you fancy. Then, glue some pretty door knobs to the lids of your jars to make a fancy canister to store food or things like cotton swabs in. You can also glue a candle stick to the bottom of your jar if you want your canister to have some height.



If you have some carpentry and electrical skills you can make this jar chandelier by watching the video below.