Ways To Use Knife Blocks

September 1st, 2017

Thinking about tossing out your old wooden knife block to make room for a new one? You don’t have to!

There are a few ways that you can upcycle your old one into a brand new useful and crafty item.

Here are some great ideas for upcycling your old wooden knife blocks.

Desk Organizer

Your knife block is actually the perfect place to store desktop items like scissors, rulers, paper clips etc. You’ll find a tutorial for the model below here.

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Such is This (And So On) Source: Such is This (And So On)

Crayon Holder

Help your kids learn to clean up and store their crayons in one place with this nifty design. If your kids will have access to this, make sure you’re only leaving kid safe scissors on the side of your new crayon caddy.

Source: Thrift Diving

Floral Centerpiece or Vase

You can shove some flowers into the knife slots to create a funky flower vase or floral centerpiece.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

iPad Holder

Your knife block can double as an iPad holder by gluing a lip to the front of it.

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Itsy Bits and Pieces Source: Itsy Bits and Pieces

Thread and Bobbin Holder

Use sandpaper or a saw to sharpen the ends of some dowels. Place the dowels into your knife slots and use your knife block as a thread and bobbin holder.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

Tool Organizer

You can also use a knife block to hold your tools like screwdrivers and chisels.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

Store Makeup or Paint Brushes

Use a drill to widen the holes in your knife block and use it to store your makeup or paint brushes.

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Amazon Source: Amazon

Bring It Back to Life

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Infarrantly Creative Source: Infarrantly Creative

Instead of tossing out your old knife block, you can make it look brand new by spraying it with stainless steel spray paint or staining it and using a cute stencil on it.

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Source: DIY Everywhere