How To Reuse Old Lightbulbs

October 2nd, 2017

Lightbulbs are great for giving off light but what about when they burn out? Well, there are still lots of great uses for your used lightbulbs once they can no longer give light.

First, you’ll need to learn how to hollow out a lightbulb. The tutorial below will show you how to do that.

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Now that your bulb is empty, here some cool things you can do with it.

Wall Planter

You can affix lightbulbs to your wall, fill them with some water, and add a small plant that only needs water to grow.

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You can also transform a lightbulb into a tiny terrarium. Learn how by checking out the article here.

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Lightbulb Sculpture

Bring some creativity to your coffee table by making a sculpture from lightbulbs.

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Use Them As a Mold

You can use your lightbulbs as a mold and fill the lightbulb with concrete or resin. Adding a screw to the bottom of you bulb allows you to use them as knobs or wall hooks. Get the details here.

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Fillable Ornaments

Fill a lightbulb with sparkles, beads, fake snow, or small candy canes and finish it off with a hanging hook or similar piece to create a festive ornament.

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Factory Direct Craft Source: Factory Direct Craft

Painted Ornament

Dip your bulb in glitter or paint a festive character or scene on a lightbulb and top it off with a hook or string to turn it into an adorable ornament. You can find some ideas here.

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You can make a funky necklace from tiny light bulbs by following the tutorial here.

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Stuff Steph Does Source: Stuff Steph Does

Oil Lamp

You can make a really cool oil lamp from a light bulb by filling your bulb with oil and placing a wick inside. Make sure you have something to prop your bulb up so it doesn’t fall over. You can find the full instructions here.

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Refurbished Ideas Source: Refurbished Ideas

Floral Filled Decor

You can also create some great decor by putting flowers into a lightbulb and sealing it. Flowerium Products makes the ones you see below that you can purchase here and will ensure that the blooms are preserved properly. Or learn how to make our own here.

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Flowerium Products Source: Flowerium Products

Fill a Vase

Fill a glass container with various lightbulbs to create an interesting focal piece.

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Family Chic Source: Family Chic

Create a Scene

Create an adorable scene with little animals or other figurines, like this cute flying paper crane. Get the tutorial on how to make it here.

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Magical Day Dream Source: Magical Day Dream

Floating Vase

Give your vase a magical appearance by creating a floating lightbulb vase. You’ll find the instructions here.

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The Merry Thought Source: The Merry Thought

Snow Globe

You can create beautiful snow globes from lightbulbs by following the tutorial here.

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Instructables Source: Instructables


Glue some lightbulbs in a circular shape to create a glass wreath. You can find the directions here.

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Nadia's DIY Projects Source: Nadia's DIY Projects

Spice Container

Fill some lightbulbs with colorful spices to be used for a display.

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