15 Money-Saving Ways to Repurpose Newspaper

January 25th, 2018

Newspapers can pile up pretty quickly in your home, especially if you get daily home delivery. Instead of tossing it into the landfill or recycling bin you may be able to get one more use out of it.

1) Cover Furniture or Walls

You can use newspaper to cover furniture or your walls for a unique look.

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Craft Zen Source: Craft Zen

2) Animal Bedding/Lining

Turn it into a bathroom for your birds or bedding for your other pets. Just make sure you avoid using the inserts, magazines or comic sections because they may have more chemicals on them. The regular newspaper is safe for animals.

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Bird Tricks Source: Bird Tricks

3) Make Seed Pods

Start your seedlings in these newspaper pots. You can learn how to make them here.

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Adventures of Mel Source: Adventures of Mel

4) Get Rid of Stickiness

Pour some vegetable oil over any stubborn adhesive that is stuck to your glass surface and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then dampens a piece of newspaper with vinegar and uses it to wipe up the adhesive and grease.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

5) Desk Organizer

Create a one of a kind desk organizer with some newspaper and cardboard. Learn how in the video tutorial below.

Source: Minakshi Biswas

6) Dry Wet Shoes

Fill your shoes with some newspaper if they are wet. Keep refreshing the newspaper until your shoes are completely dry.

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One Crazy House Source: One Crazy House

7) Soak Up Stinky Fridge Odors

If your refrigerator has a funky smell you can spray sheets of newspaper with water and crumple them up into a ball. Place them in the corners of your fridge overnight to soak up the stink. You can also use it to line your drawers and other parts of your fridge to prevent odors.

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Only Canister Vacuum Source: Only Canister Vacuum

8) Ripen Tomatoes

Wrapping tomatoes individually with newspaper and leaving them at room temperature will speed the ripening process.

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Keate Source: Keate

9) Prevent Weeds

Take wet newspaper and lay it down in your garden then cover with a layer of dirt. You can cut holes into our newspaper so that you can plant your bulbs. Just make sure the circle is big enough so that the plant can grow through it. This will prevent weeds from growing in your garden.

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A Garden For the House Source: A Garden For the House

10) Wrap a Gift

You can use the comic section or piece together words to create some cool wrapping paper. Shredded newspaper can be used as filling in gift baskets or boxes.

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The Culture Trip Source: The Culture Trip

11) Deodorize Food Containers

Does that lunchbox still smell fishy or eggy? You can stuff some newspaper inside of lunch boxes, a thermos, or other food containers to get rid of any smell left behind.

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Home Savvy A to Z Source: Home Savvy A to Z

12) DIY Envelopes

Have to send a package or a letter? Use newspaper to make the envelope or packaging. Learn how to make the one below here.

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Kanelstrand Source: Kanelstrand

13) Prevent Frost

Place some newspaper on your windshield and secure with the wipers the night before it snows or gets icy. This will save you from having to de-ice in the morning, just pull the paper off.

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Flickr/angel<>< Source: Flickr/angel<><

14) Packing Cushion

Shred or bunch up newspapers and use it as padding and cushion when your ship or pack away valuables and delicate items.

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Mary's City Chickens Source: Mary's City Chickens

15) Vase


You can make this beautiful golden vase with some newspaper and paint. Learn how below.

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