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How To Reuse Old Milk Jugs At Home
My favorite in this list is the DIY bird feeder. Do you know of any other uses for milk jugs?
D.G. Sciortino

If you knew how many things you could turn your milk jug into, you would never throw one away again. Milk jugs can be re-purposed into a plethora of useful household items.

WARNING: Your house may end up filled with milk jugs after you read this.

Here are the best ways to upcycle a milk jug.


You can cut up a milk jug in such a way that it creates a handy dandy scooper to pick up things like dog food, soil or nails.

Source: Design Squad Global

Plastic Storage Box

You can create this adorable plastic storage box from milk jugs to keep your odd and ends in. Get the directions below.

Source: Guidecentral English

Ice Pack

You can freeze a quart jug of milk one three-quarters of the way with water and place it in your cooler instead of ice which will just end up melting. When the jug melts you have ice cold water to drink.

Camping Blogger
Camping Blogger

Make a Mallet

If you melt enough milk jugs in your toaster oven and are handy enough with wood to create a handle, you can create a mallet from milk jugs. You will find the tutorial below.

Source: RoSkii

Watering Can

Poke holes in the cap of your milk jug, fill your jug with water and screw the cap on. Use your new contraption as a watering can.


YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Turn In Into a Plant

You can grow flowers and vegetables by turning your milk jug into a planter. Just follow the directions below.

Source: ehowgarden


Strapping a light to a milk jug will expand the existing light and create a lantern effect.

Source: Mr Eastcoastman

Build a Structure

If you’re really patient and handy, you can build an entire structure from milk jugs. The couple below built an entire igloo from them.

Source: CNN


Cut the bottom part off of a milk jug and take the cap off and use it as a funnel.


Life Made Happy
Life Made Happy

Exercise Weights

Do you even lift bro? If not, you can start by making homemade dumbbell weights out of milk jugs.

Source: Sean Symons

Bird Feeder

Do not buy a bird feeder. Just make a few snips into your milk jug, fill it with bird seed, and hang it from a tree.

Source: kaz thibodeau


Make a cute basket for Easter or whatever else with a milk jug. Get the tutorial below.

Source: Earth911TV

Berry Picker

Source: Tom Brueggen

Let the milk jug do the work for you when you go berry picking. Learn how in the video above.

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Source: PlanTea; featured image credit: Who Needs A Cape