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13 Uses For Sandpaper

July 24th, 2017

Sandpaper is commonly used to prepare wood before it’s painted or to remove paint. However, there are lots of practical applications for sandpaper around your home that you probably never knew about.

Here are some of our favorite household uses for sandpaper.

Smooth Feet

If your feet are a little scratchy, you can rub some sandpaper on your heels and other areas of your feet to get rid of the dead skin.

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Sharpen the Scissors

Cut through fine-grain sandpaper with your scissors to sharpen them or remove stickiness.

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Scrub Pots

If your steel wool just isn’t scraping off the burnt stains in your pots you can try using sandpaper to get your pots clean.

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Get Rid of Rust

You can scrub the rust off of your tools with sandpaper to keep them looking like new again.

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Smooth Jagged Pet Nails

Sometimes your dog’s or cat’s nails can be left with jagged edges after you clip them. You can smooth them out with some sandpaper.

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Gain Traction

Rub the bottoms of your new shoes with heavy-duty sandpaper to give you traction and prevent yourself from slipping.

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Renew Windshield Wipers

To renew worn windshield wipers you can rub them lightly with fine sandpaper and clean off the dust left behind. Finish with a thin coat of petroleum jelly. You can get another six months out of them this way.

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Open a Jar

Use sandpaper with the grit side down to open a stubborn jar lid. It will give you an extra strong grip.

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Renew Your Wooden Cutting Board, Utensils

Get rid of embedded germs by scrubbing your cutting board and wooden utensils with sandpaper once a year. Rub some mineral oil over it when you’re done.

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Pilling Remover

Remove pilling from your clothes or upholstery by lightly brushing sandpaper over it in one direction.

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Repel Slugs

You can repel slugs by placing sandpaper around the base of your potted plants or place sandpaper rings around your plant stems. The slugs won’t want to crawl over it.

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Your House and Garden Source: Your House and Garden

Deter Cats

If your cat is scratching up your furniture, you can place sheets of sandpaper on your furniture to stop them from destroying it. They don’t like the gritty feel on their paws.

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Repair Suede

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You can make your suede items look brand new by rubbing some fine-grit sandpaper over the stain or scuff. Afterward, use a toothbrush or nailbrush to nap the suede up.

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