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15 Uses For Shampoo

August 21st, 2017

Most of us use shampoo on a daily basis to make sure our hair is clean, but the uses for shampoo go far beyond the bathroom.

There are lots of ways shampoo can be used in and around your to home. Here are some of our favorite uncommon uses for shampoo.

Remove a Bandaid

Place a few drops of shampoo on the sticky part of your band-aid and let it sit soak through before you pull it off to painlessly remove a band-aid.

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Body Wash Substitute

If you’re all out of body wash and you need an alternative, try some shampoo if you’re in a pinch.

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Flickr/theeveryquietroom Source: Flickr/theeveryquietroom

Stuck Zipper

Rub some shampoo on a zipper that is stuck to lubricate the teeth and get your zipper to move.

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Remove Paint From Clothes

Pour some shampoo over a paint stain and scrub the paint out before you throw it in the wash. This should remove the paint stain.

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Flickr/HeatherLWilliams Source: Flickr/HeatherLWilliams

Lubricate a Squeaky Hinge

If you have a squeaky or sticky door hinge you can rub some shampoo on it to stop it from squeaking and get it to move easier.

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Body Scrub

Add a little bit of sugar to your shampoo to create a body scrub.

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Clean a Paint/Makeup Brush

Use a few drops of shampoo on a paint or makeup brush with lukewarm water and massage through the bristles to clean it off.

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Into the Gloss Source: Into the Gloss

Car Wash

Put 1/4 cup of shampoo in a pail of warm water and use it to wash your car.

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Conner Brothers Collision Centers Source: Conner Brothers Collision Centers

Foot Softener

Rub some shampoo on your feet and place a lightweight pair of cotton socks over your feet. Sleep with them on and wake up with beautifully smooth feet.

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Flickr/Anagha sparrow Source: Flickr/Anagha sparrow

Carpet Spills

Pour a few drops of shampoo onto a carpet spill along with some water and blot the stain with a towel until the spill is cleaned up.

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Ben+Sam Source: Ben+Sam

Toilet and Tub Cleaner

If you’re out of cleanser, you can use some shampoo to wash your bathtub and toilet. It works best on fiberglass tubs and sinks.

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Flickr/eavondran Source: Flickr/eavondran

Unclog a Toilet

Pour shampoo into your toilet water until it hits the sides of the bowl and slides down to the clog. Let it sit for 15 minutes before you flush it down.

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Flickr/Neal Zott Source: Flickr/Neal Zott

Hand Wash Delicate Laundry

Use a few drops of shampoo in place of detergent to hand wash delicate clothes.

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Flickr/jill Source: Flickr/jill

Shaving Cream Substitute

Shampoo can also be used in place of shaving cream when necessary.

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Epilator Home Source: Epilator Home

Chrome Cleaner

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Mix some baking soda with shampoo and use it to clean and polish chrome fixtures and finishes.

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