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Create This Vintage Wedding Guestbook - It's Stunning!
Patricia Lynn

Special occasions in life are moments to be cherished and remembered. As a result, it’s important to create memories out of these rare instances.

A wedding is one of the most important moments in a person’s life, and there’s no better way to remember it than by having your friends and family write down their remarks and comments. That’s why guestbooks are so common at such events!

But why do a traditional wedding guestbook, when you can get creative and make a vintage-inspired one? This unique guestbook will last for years, and it’s stunning.

You will need the following materials:

  • An unpainted wooden box with glass lid
  • Wood dye or Nogaline
  • Colorless wax
  • Clear paint
  • Metal grid
  • Adhesive felt for the bottom of the box/li>
DIY Wedding Guest Book - 1

After you have gathered all the materials, it’s time to get started

First, unscrew the metal clasp and hinges of the wooden box. That way, you can avoid staining it with paint. Then, use sandpaper to get rid of the dirt that may have adhered to the wood.

DIY Wedding Guest Book - 2

Next, dye the wood with paint and let it dry for about an hour. To achieve a vintage effect, apply colorless wax using a soft cloth. Be careful not to apply it over the surface. You only want several patches so that paint will appear as if it’s peeling off.

DIY Wedding Guest Book - 3

Now it’s time to prepare the grid. Take the grid, and put it on the box. Mark its edges on the box using a permanent marker. With pliers or scissors, cut the grid about 1.5 centimeters on the outside of the marks. Once done, bend the grid by the marks.

DIY Wedding Guest Book - 4

Now, you can paint the outer surface of the box with a color you prefer. However, it is best if your paint is a bit dense, so it won’t be completely absorbed.

DIY Wedding Guest Book - 5

As soon as it dries, use sandpaper to smoothen the surface. By this time, you can put the rack in the box and secure it with a stapler.

DIY Wedding Guest Book - 6

Remount the locks, hinges, and the glass of the box. Then, place the adhesive felt at the bottom and cut the excess with a blade.

DIY Wedding Guest Book - 7

Finally, cut the papers that the guests will use for the messages. There is no ideal size for this, so feel free to let your creativity flow.

DIY Wedding Guest Book - 9

Voila! You now have a beautiful wedding guest book. Wasn’t that easy?


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