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9 creative ways to repurpose an old baby crib
Don't throw out that old crib just yet! There are some really awesome ways to transform it!
Jamie Maraña

It’s always thrilling to have a new baby at home. Parents often tend to get caught up with the excitement that they start buying tons of items for their baby – only to realize later that they will outgrow all of them in just a few months or so.

One of these items is the baby crib. Sure it looks cute and handy at first but when they become toddlers they can easily climb over it or they just simply grow too big to sleep in it.

Most parents have a hard time throwing it out since it has a lot of memories attached to it. But what if we tell you that there are tons of ways of transforming it into something useful? Instead of tossing it out, here are fresh ideas that you can do to that old baby crib!

1. Swinging Porch Bench

Just because your child has outgrown their crib, it doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun with it anymore. One parent had the perfect idea of changing it to a swinging porch bench with the baby’s bed mattress as its cushion. The style and color look amazing too!

2. Dog Cage

Upcycle your old crib into an aesthetically pleasing dog cage for your furry friend. This design makes it more traditional and comfortable than the regular steel cages. You can even add your child’s old mattress to make it comfier for the dog.

3. Storage Chair

It’s amazing how a simple splash of color instantly made this old, worn-out crib into a storage chair that looks brand new! It has a rustic look that most people prefer nowadays plus you can also pass this down to future generations.

4. Indoor Bench

Probably one of the most common ways of repurposing your baby’s old crib is by transforming it into a bench. This one already has a beautiful carved flower design which is a great piece to add in the living room or at the front porch.

5. Memo Board

Their nine-year-old daughter wanted a memo board to go along with her trundle bed. Luckily, this couple found an old crib in a flea market with a great metal base that can be repurposed into a sturdy memo board.

6. Porch Bench

When this stay at home more realized that her two youngest daughters have already started climbing out of their cribs, she knew that they are ready to sleep in regular beds instead. Instead of throwing it out, she was inspired to repurpose it into a bench after seeing another DIY crib project.

7. Child’s Desk

What better way to alter your kid’s old crib than by turning it into a work/play station. This parent has stored the crib in their study, waiting to be passed on to someone else but kept finding reasons not to. In the end, they decided to just keep it but change it into something that their child can actually use.

8. Toy Chest

This blogger’s uncle reached out to her asking if she wanted the old crib that she and her brother used to sleep in when they were babies. She said yes, but mainly for sentimental reasons. She had her own son try it but it almost immediately fell apart. Since she didn’t want to part with it, she then decided to turn it into her child’s toy chest.

9. Bike Rack

One of the first few skills that your child can master is riding a bike or a scooter. After organizing their garage, this parent found her children’s old crib and transformed it into a nifty bike rack.

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By Jamie Maraña
Jamie Maraña is a contributor at SBLY Media.