15 Ways to Upcycle Furniture

April 3rd, 2018

You can have a home full of fancy but inexpensive furniture if you just repurpose some old furniture.

You can take windows, doors, old dressers, garbage cans, and all sorts of items to create beautiful customized pieces in your home.

Here are 15 ways to upcycle furniture into new furniture:

1) Dresser Into Bathroom Vanity

An old dresser can be transformed into the perfect bathroom vanity. Use one to house your sink plumbing in. It also offers extra storage in the bathroom.

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Sha Source: Sha

2) Bench As An End Table

No longer have a use for that bench? Turn it into a skinny end table. It’s big enough to hold the remote and a glass. You can also store stuff underneath it.

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3) Shutter Table Runner

Want a unique idea for a table runner? Well, forget about fabric. Use an old shutter instead to create a rustic looking focal piece.

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4) Cabinet to Dog Bed

Use an old TV or clothes cabinet to create a fancy looking dog bed. Just take off any doors and remove any hardware or other parts. Add a cushion inside and decorate.

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Seekers Bazaar Source: Seekers Bazaar

5) Filing Cabinet To Lawn Tool Storage

An old filing cabinet can make the perfect garden tool storage compartment. Just flip it on its side and add casters to the bottom of it. You can use pegboard for extra storage on the side of the cabinet and give it a full coat of paint.

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Trash to Treasure Source: Trash to Treasure

6) Dresser to Kitchen Island

Instead of buying a kitchen island use an old dresser. Just add some casters to the bottom. You can also add a piece of wood or marble or other material to create a larger countertop.

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Hallmark Channel Source: Hallmark Channel

7) Outdoor Gazebo

Gazebos offer a covered quiet space where you can stop to enjoy nature. You can fashion one by hinging some old doors together. Add a rooftop covering and place some tables and chair underneath it.

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Kitchen Funny With My 3 Sons Source: Kitchen Funny With My 3 Sons

8) Kids Art Table

Use an old crib to make an art table for the kids. It creates a perfect station where they can paint and draw. Just take off one of its sides and give the base a coat of chalkboard paint.

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Learning For Two Source: Learning For Two

9) Door Coffee Bar

Use a small side table and attach it to an old door. Give it a new coat of paint to transform it into this adorable coffee bar. You can even add a little shelf.

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Honeysuckle Hobbies Source: Honeysuckle Hobbies

10) Garbage Can Planter

Who says garbage cans can’t be beautiful. Just fill with some rocks and top off with a plant. You can also paint the hardware to give it a more finished look.

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The Lily Pad Cottage Source: The Lily Pad Cottage

11) TV Cabinet to Play Kitchen

You can create a beautiful play kitchen without having to get a generic store bought one. Just make a few adjustments to an old TV cabinet. It will be way cooler than anything you’d buy at the store. Learn how to make this one here.

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Giggleberry Creations Source: Giggleberry Creations

12) Dresser to Mudroom Bench

This project will require some tools but it’s an absolutely stunning looking project. Just cut the top off on one side and add a cushion. Removes some drawer from the bottom to leave space for shoes.

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Grandville Junk Aholics Source: Grandville Junk Aholics

13) Shutter Headboard

Need a new headboard? Old shutters can be used to create a funky focal point in the bedroom. You can hinge them together or hang them on the wall individually.

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14) Door Knocker Knobs

Need to add more emphasis to your cabinetry? Try some door knockers. Just replace your regular knobs with them to give your space a more sophisticated look.

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15) Door Entry Bench

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Granville Junk Aholics Source: Granville Junk Aholics

This project makes a perfect place to have a seat and put on your boots. Just attach a crate to an old door. You can paint it to give it a uniform look and add a shelf.

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