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Ways To Reuse Empty Laundry Detergent Containers
Patricia Lynn

We go through laundry detergent containers like they’re nothing. I can’t even imagine what they would all look like piled up together! It turns out though, if you think about it, laundry detergent containers can be versatile as long as you get creative!

That’s why I wanted to find some ways they can be reused. Keep reading through this list and you just might never throw out your containers ever again! Just be sure to clean out your container thoroughly.

Store items in the garage


It’s so easy for your garage to get cluttered with tools and items all over the place. Cutting into your detergent container from the top down and then perpendicular to the handle can make for a great way to store things. It’s easy to carry around too!

Use it as a watering can


Laundry detergent containers make for amazing watering cans. All you need to do is clean it out thoroughly, fill it with water, and poke holes into the removable lid. It’ll be ready to use in no time!

Or store some paint


Storing paint in a laundry detergent container makes it super easy to pour and even portion out!

Make a bubble refill station for the kids!


This one is perfect for summer days! All you need is the right kind of laundry detergent dispenser and the rest is simple!

It also makes a great beach toy


Clean it out thoroughly, slice of the top off the container just above the handle, and bring it to the beach next time you go with your family!

Use it to scoop your pet’s food


Getting food out of huge bags for your dog or cat can be a pain. Just slice off the top of your laundry detergent container just above the handle and it’ll be much easier!

Store your change


For you super savers out there that need a larger container for your spare change, using your old laundry detergent container can be perfect!

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