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Ways To Reuse Glass Bottles Around The House
Patricia Lynn

For all types of drinks that come in a glass bottle, such as water, soda, and the occasional wine (celebratory or not), there are many creative ways that glass bottles can be reused in spectacular fashion. Here are 12 ways that glass bottles can and have been reused!

1) Flower Vase

Simply remove the tags of any soda bottle, rinse the inside of the bottle, and add any exterior decorations of the bottle of your choosing. Fill it with water, and then you have your own vase! In this picture, the vase is used for beautiful red tulips.

love the colors! decorate plain soda bottles with some scrap paper and twine:

2) Bottle Bell Windchime (with Candle)

Use an empty glass bottle of wine to build your own windchime! Clean the insides of the bottle, then remove its bottom. Attach a regular windchime and place it throughout the insides of the bottle. Now you have your own bottle bell wind chime, a great house decoration.

Here’s a tutorial video on how to do this.

3) Candle Holders

Build your own simple candle holders. Find any glass bottle, and slice any edge of the bottle. Then place the candle inside the bottom end of your sliced bottle, and there you have it! Your very own candle holder.

Click here to know how to best cut a glass bottle.

4) Table Lamp

Yes, there is a way to build a table lamp. Simply place a lamp shade on top of the bottle, and plug in the shade’s plug-in cable to any nearby power plug. Then you have built your very own table lamp!

5) Water Pitcher

Use an old wine bottle and clean its interior and exterior. Add decorations of your choice, and fill the bottle with water. As simple as that, you have a customized water pitcher.

repurposed wine bottles:

6) Glow Stick Decorations

Place different-colored glow sticks into soda glass bottles and you can create glow stick decorations!

Coca Cola lights Buy some colored glow sticks and put them in the bottom of Coca Cola glasses:

7) Bathroom Utensil Holder

By slicing the edge of a wine bottle, you can use the top or bottom end of it to hold your bathroom utensils, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc. Here, a wine bottle is used to hold a toothbrush.

15 DIY Ways How to Reuse Glass Bottles

8) Halloween Decorations

It may be the time of year for Halloween and you have ran out of ideas, or need any idea for holiday decorations. You can decorate a glass bottle and use it for display in the front of or in your house!

Decorate for Halloween:

9) Food Container

Use can old wine bottles as basic food storage or containers for your favorite snacks!

10) Soap Pump

Build your own one-of-a-kind soap pump! Take the top-end of any soap pump you have and replace the base with a glass bottle. Make sure the top-end and base fit properly. I got fed up with the soap pump built into our sink and looked for alternatives. Re-use those glass bottles and mason jars as soap pumps!:

11) Personal Cup

You can more with glass bottles than just throw them away. By cutting the edge of any glass bottle, you can use the bottom of the bottle as your own personal cup. Here, a cup is made from a beer bottle.

For a full tutorial on how to do this, click here!

12) Table Card

This is a great way to use wine bottles for dinner table decorations!

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