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Mom's hair accessories left a complete mess. Then she learned these 13 clever organizing tips
D.G. Sciortino

Is your hair accessory collection getting out of hand? Are your hair ties all over the place? Are you at a loss when it comes to where you’re going to put all your headbands?

No worries! Here are 13 ideas for organizing and storing your hair accessories.

Use a Carabiner For Hair Ties

Your hair ties will always be in one place if you store them on a carabiner.



Store Bobby Pins in a Tic Tac Container

Tic Tac containers are the perfect way to store and distribute your bobby pins.

Hang a Ribbon to Keep Your Clips in Order

Hang a ribbon and attached your hair clips to it. You can find a few ideas here to jazz it up into a cute wall piece here.

Use a Picture Frame

Run clear threading horizontally across a picture frame. Clip your bows to it to organize them and create a funky wall display. You can also attach some sticky backed hooks to the bottom to hold your hair ties.


The Little Umbrella
The Little Umbrella

Use Glass Candy Jars

Glass candy jars are perfect for storing bows and hair ties. They look nice and neat and you can see exactly what’s inside of them.

Use an Oatmeal Container

These containers are the perfect size to put your headbands around. You can cover the tin with some fabric to create a headband holder display and even add a piece to the bottom so it looks like a fancy stand. You can find some examples here.

Hanging Mason Jars

Screw mason jar tops into a hanging shelf. Fill the jars with your hair accessories and screw them into their tops. You can find the tutorial here.

Poofy Cheeks
Poofy Cheeks

Clothes Pin Rack

Glue some clothes pins to a piece of wood and attached your wood to the wall. You can hang hand bands from your clothes pins. Learn how it’s done here.


Place Tupperware containers in your drawer and sort your hair accessories in them by color.

Wooden Craft Store Rack

These craft racks are a great place to put your headbands.


Architecture Design
Architecture Design

Make a Ribbon Headband Hanger

Take a piece of ribbon and glue the second piece of ribbon on top. Glue a few inches directly on top of one another, then leave a little bit of space on the top ribbon to create a loop then glue an inch and a half of ribbon right on top of the bottom ribbon. Repeat this process and when you’re done you can hang your head bands between the loops. See how it’s done here.

Use a Pill or Bead Organizer

These tiny compartments are perfect for storing small rubber bands, hair ties, or hair clips.

Use a Tiered Fruit Display


He and I
He and I

A tiered fruit display is a great way to store headbands, bows, scrunchies and hair clips. This method allows you to see exactly what you have.

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