Ways To Upcycle Tights And Jeans

February 2nd, 2018

Some of us wear our tights pretty often so they can wear out pretty quick, but you don’t need to toss them out. There are lots of ways that you can repurpose your old tights and leggings in really cool ways.

Here are some of those ways:

1) Clutch

Need a new purse to match your outfit? Grab that pair of old leggings and follow the directions here.

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michele ng Source: michele ng

2) Appliques

Jazz up an old shirt and turn something plain into something with a little more pizazz by using old tights with a pattern to make appliques.

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Brassy Apple Source: Brassy Apple

3) Hand Warmers

You can cut up pieces of your leg warmers and sew them together to make hand warmers or you can make no-sew hand warmers by following the directions here.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

4) Fabric Bowls

You can also make this really cool fabric bowls with a few twists and some braid work. Learn how here.

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We Are Scout Source: We Are Scout

5) Lamp Shade

Use your old leggings to cover a lampshade and give it a new look.

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Wonderful DIY Source: Wonderful DIY

6) Headband

Make a cool headband by following the tutorial below.

Source: MacKenzie Boner

7) Necklace

You can make this statement piece necklace by braiding your old pairs of leggings together. Learn how to make it here.

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Gina Michelle Source: Gina Michelle

8) Flow Pants

You can also make your boring old leggings into something that’s a little more fancy, like these flow pants. The best part is that you don’t have to know how to sew. Learn everything you need to know here.

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Hoopaholiccebu Source: Hoopaholiccebu

9) Wreath

Why buy a wreath that you’re only going to have out for a few months when you can make one from upcycled tights and a cereal box? You’ll find the instructions here.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

10) Crop Top

Make a brand new piece of clothing out of your tights by turning them into a crop top. All you have to do is make a small cut in them.

Source: Handimania

11) Leg Warmers

Chop off the legs of your leggings to make leg warmers.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

12) Sliced Leggings

You can make cuts into an old pair of leggings and layer them on top of a printed pair of leggings for this cool effect.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

13) Bralette

This cute bralette used to be a pair of leggings. Learn how to create this transformation in the video below.

Source: Malini Chandra

14) Bandeau

These bandeaus can be created with a few snips of a scissor.

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SkunkBoy Source: SkunkBoy

15) Fitness Headband

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Four Fit Sisters Source: Four Fit Sisters

Need something to wick away all that sweat when you’re working out? Make a fitness headband from your old tights.

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