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Weddings are back on, but people have learned tricks to do it without debt

April 13th, 2021

Since the pandemic happened, talks of weddings have simmered down significantly. From excitedly scheduling wedding dress fittings to planning bachelorette parties to intimate ceremonies with virtual guest lists, tying the knot has suddenly been simplified drastically.

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You’re still genuinely happy for those of your friends tying the knot but you can’t help but sigh with relief at the thought of being able to cut down on expenses: plane tickets, an appropriate outfit, a meaningful gift.

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But because the world refuses to stay in lockdown any longer, brilliant minds from all over came together to produce vaccines for the safety and protection of all.

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It’s the kind of good news that basically prompted everyone to go back to their original plans, especially those who once thought the big day had to be postponed once and for all.

You should know though, that weddings aren’t expensive for the couple alone. Family and friends feel the financial weight of the occasion, too.

So what’s the next best thing to do? Find ways to save (and get paid), that’s what!

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1. Get rewarded with the first step.

With their enticing “Spend, save, and invest responsibly” tagline, Aspiration makes the first step to saving up easy and rewarding. A lot of banks come up with sign-up bonuses that are great but it’ll take you a year or two before you can actually enjoy the perks. Aspiration, on the other hand, takes on a simpler approach. You can enjoy an extra $100 just for opening an account! All you need to do after setting up an account is make a minimum deposit of $10. You’ll then receive three direct deposits of at least $500 from government benefits or your paycheck. You also get to enjoy up to 10% cash back on purchases. It’s FDIC insured with military-grade encryption so you won’t have to worry about getting scammed. Great deal, huh? Talk about a great way to get back what you’ve spent on that recent wedding!

2. Shop wisely with the help of a virtual assistant.

Browsing online catalogs for the perfect wedding gift can be both fun and tricky. There are so many awesome items that’ll make you forget about one very important factor: the cost. Fortunately, there’s a free service that alerts you when you’re about to go over your budget. When you add this service to your browser, it’ll survey other websites for cheaper alternatives to the gift you’re eyeing. Not only that, you can get discount coupon codes and other price-drop alerts, too! Now you can get that wedding gift for much less.

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The Modest Wallet Source: The Modest Wallet

3. Earn from shopping… for toilet paper.

Sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it? But don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it! There’s an app called Fetch Rewards that gives gift cards for toilet paper and other items in the grocery. Just download the app, take a photo of your receipt showing you bought one of the listed items, and get rewarded with gift cards to Walmart, Amazon, and more. Enjoy easy savings on your favorite products with this genius app!

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Tech Startups Source: Tech Startups

4. Get paid to play Solitaire.

What year is it again? You read that right – solitaire. The good thing about this earn/save hack is that you can do it on the road, while eating, whenever you can! It’s an iPhone app called Solitaire Cash where you can earn per win. Careful not to get too carried away because the app has higher-stakes tournaments, too. If you’re able to solve the deck faster than the rest of the players, you can win cash – from $1 to $83! Just download the free app to get started.

5. Earn money by watching videos.

Why didn’t we find out about this sooner? We spend hours on our phones just watching video after video, earning nothing from it! This is a great way to save up for your wedding outfit or a gift for the bride and groom… or something nice for yourself. InboxDollars pays users to watch short video clips online, from recipes to celebrity drama! After watching videos of your choice, you just have to answer a few questions. This can earn you up to $225 monthly! Easy, right? You’ll even be given a $5 bonus upon sign up! Hello, plane tickets and wedding outfits.

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Now may not be the best time to spend money but when special occasions call for it, know that there are always better options – options that let you spend wisely and save more. Keep an eye out for more money-saving tips! You’ll be surprised to know just how many there are.

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