Woman pays homage to the Golden Girls with hilarious ‘Golden Ghouls’ display
I laughed out loud at these. They all get gold stars for their creativity.
Jessica Adler

Halloween is just around the corner. With this fun and spooky holiday approaching, why not also take the opportunity to revisit a classic tv show.

Let’s look at some of the most inventive Halloween yard decorations this year.

Sometimes people go the extra mile and give their Halloween decorations a theme.

flickr - kinwart
flickr - kinwart

Sure, we all know the traditional skeletons and witches situation for Halloween décor. But some people like to switch it up with a fun theme.

That could be anything from spooky pirates to having a lot of beautiful pumpkins. It helps keep the holiday fresh and gets people into the spirit. But no one saw this idea coming.

This house worked in a pun to celebrate “The Golden Girls” at the same time.

Combining the spooky with the sweet, a house in California put out Halloween lawn decorations that feature everyone’s favorite TV stars “The Golden Ghouls”.

The front porch is set up to look like it’s the main characters from “The Golden Girls” just hanging out, except that they’re all skeletons and their set is covered in spiders and cobwebs.

If you were watching TV in the late 80s-90s, you probably knew and loved “The Golden Girls”.

It’s still streaming, so the show has only picked up more fans as time has gone on. But in its heyday, “The Golden Girls” was wildly popular.

flickr - Hollywood Branded
flickr - Hollywood Branded

Starting in 1985, the show focused on four older women who all live together.

Throughout their time living together, they experience the ups and downs of life and stick together as true friends. And they’re hilarious the whole time.

The show was lauded for its excellent writing and humor, so it makes sense that it still has people who are so devoted that they’ll decorate their yard as tribute.

Her decorations took social media by storm, and here’s what she had to say:

In an interview with WBKR, Hillary (she only wants her first name public) first mentions that she is a “The Golden Girls” superfan.

Deciding on the theme helped her get into the spirit, and she also loved the message of the show. She says:

“While I know some people won’t immediately get the references, my hope is that many adults will appreciate the theme and introduce their families and young adults to the show who may not have seen it. After all, there is no greater showing of love than sharing the Golden Girls!”

Check out how detailed these decorations are.

Their whole lawn is covered with “Golden Ghouls”. On the front porch, there are four skeletons, and Hillary took the time to make sure that each one looked just like a specific Golden Girl.

Their wigs are all on point and their outfits look just like what each character would wear!

They even have little props that relate to jokes from the TV show. Of course, there had to be a cheesecake there to offer to guests, but this time it’s covered with fake spiders in a spooky twist.

They went hard with the decorations and the jokes.

Every part of this Halloween lawn decoration has a connection to “The Golden Girls”.

You can probably tell that the people who created this setup have a pretty good sense of humor already, but they raised the bar by listing the cast members’ names.

Except with a twist: instead of Betty White, she’s “Betty Fright”.

They gave all the “Girls” spooky names: Boo Arthur, Rue McSkeleton, and Estelle Ghostly.

Who knew we all needed a Halloween-Golden Girls crossover so badly?

These house decorations work in two ways: they raise the expectations for all of our decorations next year, and they make you want to go home and binge “The Golden Girls”. What a fun spin on normal Halloween!

If you need a Golden Girls fix, check out this reel of their top moments in the clip below!

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