Couple Gives Tour Of Their Fully Functioning Van Home

June 22nd, 2021

“Living the van life” seems to be all the rage right now.

For young people who feel like they need a break from the world they are living in, refurbishing a van and driving around the country is currently the thing to do.

It has all the freedom you could ever ask for and is a beautiful way to get in touch with the beauty of the earth in a real way.

It’s become common for people to document their journey and upload it to the internet.

Driving a van around the country may seem like a dream come true for lots of people.

While it can be idyllic, it does take some getting used to!

For one, the building process of outfitting a van to be able to live in isn’t as easy as it sounds.

It takes a lot of work and dedication but when it’s complete, you have a totally custom home that can drive anywhere there’s a road.

One couple decided to upload their finished van for the world to see and it’s beautiful.

The best part about outfitting a van yourself is that you can customize it however you want!

If you can dream it, you can build it. On The Minimalist Plan, a YouTube channel, we can see exactly how they customized their beautiful van.

Alex and Max are from Germany and have been driving across Europe for over six months – let’s take a tour of it!

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Their white sprinter van is massive! It doesn’t look all that interesting from the outside but when the door slides open, you are greeted with warm wood tones and an impeccably furnished living space.

Near the front of the van, you can see where they sit and eat.

The front seats can swivel and the wood paneling and tables are truly gorgeous.

Moving from the front, we can see the kitchen.

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They have a fully installed gas burner with three flames. They also have a small oven under the burners!

With those two items, you can pretty much cook anything you can think of!

Additionally, they have a fridge and freezer that keeps things fresh and portable.

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Continuing on, we see the sink and then the bathroom.

The wood theme is consistent throughout the house and little details adorn the entire place, making it truly special.

They have custom-designed wood dimmer light switches and a beautiful and practical storage system that runs across the top of the counter.

Of course, the bathroom is pretty awesome too.

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Using the bathroom on a van doesn’t sound like it’s very practical but these guys have it all figured out!

They have a fully functioning shower and toilet that fits behind a sliding door. With an onboard water tank and heater, they can take hot showers whenever they want!

For living off the grid, they really don’t miss much about a larger home besides the physical space itself.

The coolest part? Their sliding bed!

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Their bed is set up on a platform and surrounded by more wood paneling. It’s gorgeous and is the perfect way to end a day surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Near the bed, they have storage and a few books and plants. Near the very back, however, you can see doors.

Opening the doors, they can slide the entire bed out of the van and into the stars! What a way to end the day, right?

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Check out the full tour below to see how the van stays powered and more!

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Source: YouTube, The Minimalist Plan – Instagram