10 Great Hot Glue Gun Hacks To Use In Your Home

December 12th, 2018

If you are a crafty person, you probably use a hot glue gun to complete many of your craft projects. Did you also know that a hot glue gun can also be used in a variety of situations around your house? Whether you want to straighten a picture frame on the wall, make your own wood stamp, or put grips on your clothes hangers, hot glue has you covered.

Here are some great hacks to use with your hot glue gun around your home.

Create Sculptures

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Illustration Friday Source: Illustration Friday

The ability to add hot glue from a hot glue gun to just about anything makes it the perfect medium for making beautiful sculptures. Add some hot glue to a few pieces of wire, and then shape it into the form that you want. You can find instructions to create awesome glue-gun sculptures at Ohoh Deco.

Give Surfaces More Texture

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The Elite Hotel Source: The Elite Hotel

You can also use strips of hot glue to give smooth or flat items more texture. An example would be adding hot glue to the outside of a plain vase, as shown at The Budget Decorator. For an even more unique and varied look, use colored glue sticks.

DIY Harry Potter Wand

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This Splendid Shambles Source: This Splendid Shambles

Wands from the Harry Potter movies are very popular with fans. You can create your own Harry Potter-style wand using a hot glue gun. Once the glue has been applied, paint the wand for an authentic-looking prop from the movies. Boxy Colonial gives a great wand-making tutorial.

Make Glitter Decorations

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The Project Girl Source: The Project Girl

For sparkly decorations, you can first make hot-glue snowflake or other shaped decorations and allow them to dry. Next, add sparkle to your decorations by using Mod Podge and the glitter in a color of your choosing. Check out Pitter and Glink for more on this sparkling decoration idea.

Easy-to-Make Wood Grain Stamp

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The Country Chic Cottage Source: The Country Chic Cottage

A wood grain stamp allows you to easily add a wood texture to almost any object. To make your own wood grain stamp, as shown at Jennifer Rizzo, all you need is a block of wood and a hot glue gun. Trace the grain you want and apply hot glue along the lines. Once it is dry, apply ink using a foam brush.

Make Crayon Wax Seals

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eHow Source: eHow

To make authentic wax seals, use a hot glue gun and a crayon. The crayon should fit into the hot glue gun, melting and allowing you to place a colorful wax seal on an envelope. You can even stamp the cooling crayon wax to personalize the appearance of your seal. Check Brit + Co. for more on this hack.

DIY Clothes Hanger Grip

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fabHow Source: fabHow

It is usually difficult to hang up slippery shirts and blouses made of silky materials. You could use clothespins, but those can leave marks, and customized hangers can get expensive. Instead, apply a strip of hot glue to the shoulder of a regular plastic hanger. The glue should give the hanger the grip it needs to keep the clothing from falling off.

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Life of Ardor Source: Life of Ardor

To make your own makeup brush cleaning mat, all you need is a colored lid and a hot glue gun. Add glue to the lid in a variety of patterns designed to help clean makeup off of your brushes. For more on making this super useful item, check out BuzzFeed.

Make Jewelry

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The Studio Source: The Studio

Another great project to make using a hot glue gun is to make your own jewelry. Simply make interconnected dots of hot glue, as shown at Four Front, and allow them to dry. Then, paint them to fit the style and color that you want.

Straighten Pictures

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StarTribune Source: StarTribune

If you have a picture that is hanging crooked, use a little dot of hot glue to straighten it. This hack, from The Krazy Coupon Lady, shows you exactly how to complete this project. The hot glue allows the frame to grip the wall better, helping to keep it in place.

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