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15 Ways To Use Ice Cube Trays

February 6th, 2018

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably gone your entire life thinking that an ice cube tray served one purpose and one purpose only. Well, we are here to blow your mind and make your life a whole lot easier.

These 15 clever uses for ice cube trays will help you save time, money, and limit your food waste.

After reading this, head on over to your local dollar store because ice trays are cheap! You can probably pick up a bundle of three.

1. Make your own baby food.

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Fat Girl Trapped In A Skinny Body Source: Fat Girl Trapped In A Skinny Body

Stop wasting money on expensive pre-packaged baby food at the grocery store. Making your own is super easy, and super affordable. Check out the easy recipes here.

2. Preserve and freeze fresh herbs in olive oil.

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The Kitchn Source: The Kitchn

If you have an excess of fresh herbs, don’t throw them out or let them go to waste. Instead, freeze them in olive oil and stash away until you need them.

3. Garbage disposal refreshers.

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Rachel Talbott via YouTube Source: Rachel Talbott via YouTube

Dice lemon and lime rinds and place them an ice cube tray. Fill the rest of the tray with white vinegar and freeze until fully frozen. Place a few cubes down the disposal and run the motor until the stinky smells are gone.

4. Make fizzing ice chalk for your kids.

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Reading Confetti Source: Reading Confetti

Freezing a mixture of cornstarch, baking soda, water, and food coloring will provide loads of summer fun for the young ones. Just spray vinegar on the cubes or directly onto the writing surface and watch the bubbles fizz.

5. Coffee ice cubes.

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Food o Del Mundo Source: Food o Del Mundo

Iced coffee is delicious. Watered down iced coffee, not so much. Have an ice tray dedicated to coffee and the cubes will just dissolve perfectly into your beverage without watering it down.

6. Make your own dishwasher detergent.

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One Good Thing by Jillee Source: One Good Thing by Jillee

If you’re looking for a sparkling clean when you pull your dishes from the dishwasher, there’s no need to spend your money on expensive detergent. Make your own instead. Check out the easy recipe at One Good Thing.

7. Organize your junk drawer.

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Splendry Source: Splendry

Place a couple ice cube trays in your junk drawer to help organize smaller items like paper clips or thumbtacks.

8. Make yummy yogurt bites.

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May I Have That Recipe Source: May I Have That Recipe

Just because you’re trying to eat healthy doesn’t mean you have to skip out on dessert. This three-ingredient recipe is delicious and so easy. Plus, the ice cube portion size is just perfect for a guilt-free treat.

9. Freeze homemade tomato sauce for future use.

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The comfort of cooking Source: The comfort of cooking

If you can’t jar or can your homemade tomato sauce, you can preserve it by freezing the sauce instead. Create the perfect go-to size for cooking by using an ice tray.

10. Save your buttermilk too.

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Rachel Schultz Source: Rachel Schultz

Often times, the amount of buttermilk we purchase is far more than we need for our recipe. Instead of letting it go to waste, just freeze it in an ice cube tray instead.

11. Treat yourself to chocolate ice cubes.

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The Kitchn Source: The Kitchn

Warmer months are just around the corner. Try this cold and refreshing dessert beverage – frozen chocolate ice cubes with a vanilla almond milk. Find the full recipe at The Kitchn.

12. Prepare batches of soup stock.

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The Paupered Chef Source: The Paupered Chef

Talk about convenient, practical, and very simple to do. Freeze your homemade chicken stock in ice cube portions and use when needed. Find more tips on how to do it at The Paupered Chef.

13. Organize your jewelry.

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Real Simple Source: Real Simple

14. Use an ice tray as a paint palette.

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Real Simple Source: Real Simple

Like to do arts and crafts? Use inexpensive ice cube trays are your paint palette. Plus, they’re reusable and easy to clean.

15. DIY cocktail ice cubes.

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The Girl on Bloor Source: The Girl on Bloor

Chop up fruits and herbs, freeze them with water or seltzer, and you have the perfect garnish for a delicious cocktail. See a full recipe with instructions here.

H/T: Buzzfeed