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15 Frugal Uses For Dawn Dish Soap

March 30th, 2018

Dawn dish soap is great for washing dishes…obviously, but did you know that there’s so much more you can do with this inexpensive super-product? Not only do veterinarians use it to clean animals after oil spills, but Dawn can be used as insect repellent and tool cleaner too.

These 15 uses for Dawn dish soap will change the way you look at this ordinary household product forever.

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The best part? Dawn is so affordable! Head to your local dollar store and make sure to stock up.

1. Homemade Dawn bubbles

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Who doesn’t love playing with bubbles? Instead of spending money on pre-made bubbles, make your own! All you’ll need is a cup of Dawn, 6 cups of water, 1/4 cup of light corn syrup, and a container. First, put the water in the container and slowly add the soap while stirring, avoiding making it foam or bubble. Add the corn syrup, stir, and you’re good to go!

2. Automotive tool degreaser

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“It literally takes seconds to clean greasy tools with Dawn Dish Soap. Seconds,” Keenly Kristin’s blog says. All you need to do is put a tablespoon of Dawn in a gallon of hot water. Use a rag to instantly remove oil and grease from tools.

3. DIY eyeglass cleaner and defogger

Using a small spray bottle, create a mixture of one part water, one part rubbing alcohol, and a drop of Dawn dish soap. Spritz the mixture on your eyeglass and rub with a soft microfiber cloth. Your lenses will be crystal clear.

4. Make a homemade flea bath

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Flea medication can be expensive and rough on your dog’s skin and fur. Make a much less harsh, yet still effective, version using Dawn. Fill your bathtub with warm water and add one cup of Dawn dish soap. Soak your pet in the mixture for five minutes then give them a good scrub from head to toe. Let them dry and use a comb through their fur to remove the fleas.

5. Non-toxic bug killer for your garden

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Avoid using nasty toxic chemicals in your garden and opt for Dawn dish soap instead. Although a Dawn and water mixture won’t kill all insects, it’s wonderful for repelling spider mites, aphids, and other common garden pests. Home Guides at SF Gate has more information.

6. Cheap DIY sidewalk de-icer

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Make sure you don’t slip on an icy stoop or sidewalk by using a really effective Dawn mixture. Mix a teaspoon of Dawn soap with a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and a half gallon of warm water. Pour the warm mixture over the icy area and it will prevent the sidewalk or stoop from re-freezing.

7. Unclog your toilet

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If your toilet is clogged, Dawn can help treat this issue too. The grease-cutting properties of Dawn soap break down oils and other materials in the drain, helping to remove the clog. Just pour a pot of warm water in the towel and a few squirts of Dawn, plunge or flush away the clog.

8. Comb and brush cleaner

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The Make Your Own Zone Source: The Make Your Own Zone

Over time, oils and hair products build up on our combs and brushes and they require a deep cleaning, and thankfully – there’s Dawn to the rescue! This simple DIY hack will require Dawn dish soap, Borax, and hot water. Head over to The Make Your Own Zone for their step-by-step instructions.

9. Homemade ant repellent

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Frugal & Thrifty Source: Frugal & Thrifty

Have you noticed ants crawling around your kitchen lately? Nip that problem in the bud with this simple Dawn soap solution. In a spray bottle, mix a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, mouthwash, and Dawn dish soap. Spray the problem area and wait for about 5-10 minutes. After, simply wipe up the spray and the ants.

10. Dawn soap carpet cleaner

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Money Smart Family Source: Money Smart Family

If you have a nasty stain on your carpet, you don’t have to rush to the store for expensive carpet cleaners. This DIY concoction will have your carpets looking brand new in no time. In a spray bottle, mix 2 ounces of hydrogen peroxide and 1 ounce of Dawn dish soap. Spray the stain or problem area and scrub with a rag. Finish by spraying with plain water and scrubbing to remove any remnants of the stain as well as the soap.

11. Floor tile grout cleaner

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Don’t you just hate cleaning dirty tile and floor grout? It’s the worst. Thankfully, this chore can be made a lot easier with this simple trick. Place a cup of vinegar in the microwave for one minute and put in a spray bottle. Add one cup of Dawn soap to the spray bottle and give it a shake. Lightly spray the solution on your grout and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing the dirt and grime away. Rinse with water and you’re done!

12. DIY grill cleaner

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Using Dawn’s grease and oil-fighting power, it’s the perfect way to clean your barbecue grill. Fill a bucket or sink with hot water and a squirt or two of Dawn soap. Let your grill racks soak for around 10-15 minutes, scrub, and rinse.

13. Get sparkling clean windows

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Chaotically Creative Source: Chaotically Creative

Chaotically Creative says that this is, by far, the best way to clean your windows. In fact, she got this handy tip from a professional cleaning company, and now it’s the only method she’ll use. There are a few steps involved, but it’s actually really easy. Head over to the Chaotically Creative blog for the instructions.

14. Remove oil stains from your driveway

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“Squirt a large amount of Dawn soap onto the oil stain. Use a large bristle brush to scrub the stain until you start to see the oil pulling out of the asphalt. Rinse off with a hose and repeat this until the stain is gone,” explains Remove and Replace. Easy as that!

15. Make dish soap ice packs

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Why would you add dish soap when you could just freeze water in a ziplock bag, right? Well, here’s a fun life hack that you might not know. When you freeze a mixture of Dawn soap and water, the soap prevents it from completely freezing. This makes it the perfect ice pack for wrapping around elbow, shoulders, and knees.

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