If you’re into gardening, you’re probably familiar with the rewarding feeling of having your first crop or blossom. But you also know just how tricky growing plants can be. As a gardener, you’ll fight everything from pests to weather conditions to acidic soil while trying to get your first bumper crop. Even if you’re naturally blessed with a green thumb, you’ve probably worked really hard to get your garden to bloom.

It can also be, well, kind of an expensive endeavor. Gardeners have to buy tools, seeds, fertilizer, pots, weeding supplies, and structural supports. All of that stuff doesn’t come cheap, even if it usually pays off in the long run.

Enter the internet, the wealth of hacks from experts all over the world. They’ve got advice for everything from helping plants thrive to gardening in a thriftier or more eco-friendly way. Whether you’re struggling to keep rabbits out of your lettuce plants or you want to find ways to garden that are good for the planet, you can find everything you need online.

So, you can start right here with these 40 gardening secrets every gardener needs to know. Then grab your spade and some coffee filters and hit up your garden!