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9 Effective Ways To Remove Skin Tags

May 8th, 2018

Skin tags may be unsightly, but their cause is quite natural. They form as a result of friction between your skin and clothing or other body parts. But skin tags can sometimes become black and shriveled if the blood supply is cut off. And they can develop in unwanted areas or even become cancerous. Use these nine ways to effectively remove bothersome skin tags.

Visit Your Doctor

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Start by visiting your doctor if you have skin tags. After examination, the doctor might determine to do a biopsy on the skin tag area to ensure that the skin tag is not cancerous. Plus, the doctor can easily remove skin tags in the office if you want, saving you from having to do the job yourself.

Use Tea Tree Oil

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Tea tree oil, a natural antifungal, antiviral, and antimicrobial when undiluted also helps with removing skin tags. To apply, clean the area, place three drops of tea tree oil to a cotton ball, and lightly massage it into the skin in the area of the skin tag. Do this three to four times a day until the skin tag is removed.

Use Lemon Juice

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Rich in citric acid, lemon juice makes a great natural way to remove skin tags. Clean the area around the skin tag and apply fresh lemon juiced directly using a cotton ball. Do this two to three times a day for a couple of weeks, and you should notice the skin tag starting to slowly decompose.

Use Garlic

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Crush two to three fresh garlic cloves into a paste. Using a cotton ball, apply the paste to the skin in the affected area. Cover with a bandage and leave the garlic overnight. Repeat this process for two to three nights. While stinky, the garlic should start to smooth your skin in just a couple of days.

Use Banana Peels

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Banana peels are also a great way to remove skin tags. Cover the skin tag with a small piece of banana peel, white side down, and cover it with a bandage overnight. Repeat this procedure until the skin tag falls off. In addition to removing skin tags, banana peels are also an effective cure for warts.

Use Iodine

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Applying iodine to a skin tag can break down the skin cells around the skin tag, making it easy to remove. To protect the surrounding skin, use coconut oil directly around the skin tag. Apply a few drops of iodine using a Q-tip, repeating twice a day until the skin tag comes off.

Use Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe vera, known for its wound-healing and anti-oxidant properties, is an affective cure for skin tags. Plus it can help the skin heal more quickly once the skin tag is removed. Just massage aloe vera juice or gel into the skin two to three times a day.

Use Oregano and Coconut Oil

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A combination of oregano and coconut oil is a great remedy for removing skin tags. Mix two to three drops of oregano with four to five drops of coconut oil. Apply to the skin tag using a cotton ball, repeating two to three times a day. Eventually, the skin tag should get darken, dry up, and fall off.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

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The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar makes it a good natural remedy for removing skin tags. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar. Apply the cotton ball to the skin, secure it with a bandage, and leave it overnight. Repeat this process each day until the skin tag falls off.

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