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Barber Gets Quoted $1,000 For New Floor, Has Solution That Will Cost 'Pennies' In Comparison
This floor ended up costing him 'pennies' in comparison to what he was quoted.
Cedric Jackson

Anyone who has ever decided to do a renovation knows how expensive it can be. It seems like things are always a lot more expensive than you expect, and when you think you have it all figured out, something goes wrong and you have to spend more money.

Not everyone has a big budget when they are remodeling.

Small business owners usually have to pinch and save just to get enough money to renovate one area of their business at a time. When Rich Holtham, a young barber in Dudley, England, needed to redo the floor in his barbershop, he did like most people and requested quotes.

Rich knew there would be some cost involved, but he didn’t expect those costs to be so high. He was quoted over $1,000 for the floor. He wasn’t prepared to shell out that kind of money for a floor. He was, after all, a young barber who was still fairly new to the business.

Still, Rich was proud of his shop and wanted to make sure it looked good. If his barbershop didn’t look nice, people might not want to visit. He needed to be able to attract customers if he wanted to keep his business going, so he decided he would come up with something different for his floor.


He wanted to use a surface that would be easy to clean.

Barbershop floors collect a lot of hair and other things, so the flooring needed to be easy to sweep and scrub. It didn’t take him too long to come across the idea to cover the floor in pennies.

Pennies would allow him to put down a durable floor that was perfect for his barbershop and also looked nice. It would be a great icebreaker for new customers and may even attract an entirely new crowd. He set out to put his floor down as quickly as possible.

Covering a floor in pennies isn’t an easy task. It’s very tedious and took Rich over a week to complete. Before he could even start putting the pennies on the floor, he had to get enough pennies to complete the project.


It took over 700 pounds of pennies and a lot of trips to the bank.

Each day, Rich would head to the bank to trade his dollars in for pennies. Then, he would head back to his shop and start putting them down on the floor. His effort was worth it. After a week, he had a beautiful floor.

It didn’t cost him a fortune, and it’s attractive and easy to clean. He not only gets a lot of customers who want to ask questions about his floor and the process, there are a lot of people who come in his shop just to look at his floor.

As more and more people see it and tell their friends about it, the community has become curious. His floor is basically a work of art. If he can do that to a floor, what can he do to someone’s hair? Rich set out to simply create a floor for his barbershop.


What Rich created turned out to be something a lot of people can enjoy.

He is proud of his creation and happy that so many people are interested in his project. He hopes it continues to attract customers to his shop. It definitely compliments the other unique features of the barbershop and gives it a rustic feel. That just happens to be exactly what he was going for. You can’t beat a good design and a good price.

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