Couple constructs tiny home with massive kitchen and spectacular views

June 3rd, 2021

When it comes to tiny homes, a $90,000 price tag probably leans towards the higher end of things. However, once you see how many amazing features they were able to pack into this modern rectangular house, you’ll realize the incredible amount of value that it offers.

Lisa Tranter and Matt Hobbs are a young couple that built their home exactly to their liking.

They made sure to seek out everything that they desired in their dream living situation. Obviously, minimalism and reducing clutter were of utmost importance.

However, one thing that the couple was not willing to sacrifice on was kitchen space.

Since cooking and preparing meals was one of their favorite hobbies, they knew that they were going to have to find a way to make it work.

They say that you don’t want to have too many cooks in the kitchen, but this tiny home has room for at least two! They made sure to include a gigantic sink for doing all of the dishes.

The couple’s goals of tiny, mobile living were quickly becoming a reality.

The whole foundation of the home was built on wheels on a platform in case they ever just wanted to pick up and go.

From the start, they couldn’t stop talking about tiny houses.

The couple met online and the spark was lit shortly after in their romance. Lisa was especially excited about the prospects of tiny living. Eventually, Matt came around as well, Lisa told the Daily Mail.

“I’ve had had a mild obsession for the last five years, with the intention of buying and building my own tiny home before I met Matt, who I then convinced not too long after we started dating,” said Lisa.

They decided to give it a go. Since Matt has his own kitchen remodeling business, he was able to do much of the work himself.

Their tiny home is located in a natural, wooded, paradise, close to the great outdoors.

The current whereabouts of the home are somewhere in Australia.

One of the best parts of the home is how open it feels.

While the wide-open design means that the various rooms all flow together, it also means that you’ll never feel cramped when lounging around.

The beautiful kitchen space transitions right into the lounge area without missing a beat.

“When we designed our kitchen, we thought about what was important to us, a dishwasher and full-sized appliances were up there, along with a big sink,” the couple wrote on Instagram.

Here is how it looks from a different angle:

As you can see, the stairs in the back head up to a loft that functions as a study area or an additional bedroom.

There is a mattress for sleeping or lounging out while working on a laptop.

The bathroom below is both stylish and spacious.

There is plenty of room for two.

However, tucked off in the back corner of the home is where the real magic happens.

Overall, the home might be pretty tiny, but they managed to fit a king-size bed in there. It takes up all of the floor space in the bedroom, but it’s totally worth it.

It’s something that most couples can agree with! There is nothing worse than getting hit in the middle of the night by twirling arms or being forced to fight over the covers.

Luckily, the couple didn’t have to compromise on closet space either. They just fold up the base of the bed, as seen in the second Instagram photo, to access an additional wardrobe area underneath.

Want to see the full tour?

Check out the video of the tiny home tour below to see the couple’s entire impressive build.

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