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Crafty woman shows how to make beautiful ‘fall decor’ using dollar store mirror
This turned out so lovely, and it's easy to customize.
Jake Manning

The allure of DIY projects has always been the ability to transform simple, everyday items into something extraordinary.

This sentiment rings true when we delve into the world of home decor, where creativity knows no bounds.

Imagine walking into a dollar store and spotting octagon-shaped mirrors.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

To most, they might just be mirrors, but to a DIY enthusiast, they’re the canvas for the next masterpiece.

The first project showcased is a mirror lantern, perfect for the fall season. By using two of these mirrors and wooden dowel rods, one can create a stunning decorative piece.

The dowel rods, painted black, act as pillars connecting the two mirrors.

This turned out so lovely, and it’s easy to customize.[/imgsrc]

The top mirror is then adorned with fall elements like faux pumpkin stems, berries, and wired fall leaves, all of which can be sourced from the dollar store.

The finishing touch? A flickering tealight candle, illuminating the fall-themed decorations and casting a warm, cozy glow.

But the versatility of this lantern doesn’t end with fall.

This turned out so lovely, and it’s easy to customize.[/imgsrc]

As the seasons change, so can the decor.

For Christmas, the lantern can be transformed with a green wreath, colorful tree ornaments, and jingle bells. It shows how one base item can be adapted to fit various festive themes.

Another ingenious idea involves creating a tiered storage display using hexagon mirrors and glass candlesticks.

This turned out so lovely, and it’s easy to customize.[/imgsrc]

By stacking the candlesticks and mirrors, a multi-layered tray emerges.

Painted in black, this tiered tray becomes an elegant storage solution, ideal for displaying skincare products or other small items.

The creativity doesn’t stop there. The next project is a boho chic mirror, crafted using soft, thick rope cut into strips.

These strips are then uncoiled and fashioned into tassels, which are attached to a wreath base. The result is a fringe-like border that exudes a bohemian vibe.

This turned out so lovely, and it’s easy to customize.[/imgsrc]

To elevate the design further, a mirror is placed at the center, surrounded by a rope outline.

But the pièce de résistance is the string of wooden beads that encircle the mirror, adding depth and texture to the piece.

The final product is a mirror that’s not just functional, but a statement piece in its own right.

Each of these projects underscores the limitless potential of everyday items.

This turned out so lovely, and it’s easy to customize.[/imgsrc]

With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of effort, mundane objects are reborn as captivating decor pieces.

Whether it’s a lantern that changes with the seasons or a tiered tray that marries form and function, the possibilities are endless.

Reflecting on these projects, it’s evident that DIY is more than just a hobby; it’s a form of expression.

It challenges us to see beyond the obvious, to envision what could be, and to bring that vision to life.

In doing so, we not only beautify our surroundings but also imbue them with a personal touch, a piece of our soul.

So, the next time you find yourself in a dollar store, look beyond the price tags. See the potential, the stories waiting to be told. And remember, in the world of DIY, there are no limits, only possibilities.

Check out the full tutorial for each project in the video below!

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