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Why Drinking Cold Water Will Help With Weight Loss
Spencer Carney

Who would have thought that one of the easiest, most-convenient ways to kick-off your weight-loss or reinvigorate your health journey is to drink more glasses of cold water!? Indeed drinking cold water, and often, has some serious health benefits!

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 1) First thing in the morning drinking a cold glass of water gets your metabolism running!

Cold water is actually harder for your body to absorb as it cools it down unlike room-temperature water. Therefore, because it takes longer to absorb, you begin to burn more calories throughout the day as your body uses them up to warm you back to normal! It is good to drink cold water anytime you are feeling tired or sleepy because the temperature will wake you, and your brain, up to begin the warm up process (All the while burning calories In the process!)!

2) Drinking more glasses of cold water keeps your system moving quickly!

water is the way your body most naturally flushes its system (You are made of mostly water after all!) helping you to “run a tighter ship” so to speak as not-so-great snacks, you may have consumed in a moment of weakness, spend less time in your body and get flushed out in the detox!

3) Drinking cold water before bed may not benefit those with heart problems however, but does those in good health.

Drinking water before bed is not recommended for those with a history of cardiovascular issues as it would put unnecessary pressure on the kidneys, but can be beneficial for those in good health who don’t get woken up in the middle of the night suddenly due to a smaller bladder.

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4) Can contribute to feeling “full” when drunk before a meal helping you reach health goals!

Drinking a glass right before a meal is also a great tip as it helps you have that feeling of “fullness” after a meal and prevents you from over-eating. The water is after all taking up space in your stomach, but more importantly your stomach has already started the process of satiating its hunger as you begin consumption, kind of fooling your brain that you have been eating longer than you have!

Cold water…? Boring! What to do? Try infusing water with fresh fruit and veggies!

Does simply drinking cold water more throughout the day, and when you first wake up, sound boring to you? Have no fear! Infused waters can add taste, variety, and pizazz to your hydrating routine! Adding fresh fruits and vegetables infused into your cold water can add antioxidants, minerals, and other nutrients that: can curb your appetite, clean out your insides, settle your stomach, aid in weight-loss, and the possibilities are many! Get creative! Have fun!

Creating infused waters can also have you “pairing” your water around your meals, encouraging you to drink more water throughout the day. After all, health authorities do recommend that one consume at least 2 liters of water a day, which of course is practically just preventing dehydration.

Cold infused waters can also be portable, as you can see in the video below by The SITS Girls, and something you can do yourself at home and share with your family and friends!

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[Source: The SITS Girls]