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These 'jellyfish' succulents transform your garden into a dreamy aquarium

April 14th, 2021

Bright, thick, and beautiful. Succulents are one of the most favorite and easiest plants to grow. They’re super easy to take care of and you don’t need prior experience for it to bloom and live. You probably even heard your neighbor and friends rave about these beautiful plants.

Other people used succulents to transform their garden into an underwater seafloor. Yes! From mermaid tails to jellyfishes, you can give your home a beach vibe this summer

These succulents resemble jellyfishes that people are amazed by it.

Improving our home and turning it into a beautiful paradise is a dream. Our homes serve us as our sanctuary where we can rest after a hectic day and relax. For us to have a relaxing experience inside our home, we tend to improve and revamp the design.

Some people love the minimalistic theme of home while others prefer to turn it into a fairytale garden. If you want something unique for your home, then these jellyfish succulents will truly turn everyone’s heads. From mermaid tails to dolphins It will transform your home into a beautiful fairyland or mermaid kingdom.

Learning about jellyfish succulents

Jellyfish succulents are a combination of different succulents pieced together. The arrangement shall be composed of a cascading plant that will grow out to resemble jellyfish tentacles and the other shall be any type of succulent rosette plant that remains close to the soil.

You don’t have to worry much about succulents because they don’t require a lot of attention and water to live.

You can make your own jellyfish planter!

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Jellyfish succulents are easy to arrange and pretty to display. All you need is to prepare your materials, think about the design and start arranging. Here are some of the materials you’ll need in creating a jellyfish succulent:

  • hanging basket
  • two types of succulents
  • thin wire
  • sewing staples
  • needle

The first step is to use a coir-lined hanging basket to resemble the jellyfish’s body.

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Fill the basket with soil, and turn it over. Make sure that you are using high-quality soil. You can also add fertilizer.

The second step is to plant the tendrils

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The tendrils can be planted a couple of inches from the outside of the basket. Then, cover the bottom with felt and make sure that it fits properly

Third, start planting the succulents

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Clear the soil and remove any dead leaves. Choose a soft pot and stick the succulent into the moss, then secure it with wire or stables. Make sure the succulent is facing outward and you have contact with the planter. Leave some space for the succulent to grow. You can always talk to your florist if you have any questions.

Creating your own jellyfish planter is super easy.

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You can create more of these for a party or an event. If you just want a few for your garden, you can do so. There are other designs you can work on such as mermaid and dolphin.

There are a couple of gardeners that are able to accomplish the look without turning the container upside down. It is possible with pruning techniques to keep the top rounded. Plants for the tentacles are grown around the edges. There are others who use plants than succulents. Whatever it may be, it will look really good.

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