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Flippers take a dated 75 year old kitchen and work their magic on it with budget under 10K
The kitchen hadn’t been touched since 1948.
Rose Ann Dabu

Have you seen any videos from this famous YouTube channel named What The Flip?

If your answer is “yes,” you probably know that it consists of two people who do exceptional home renovations.

They have already remodeled bathrooms, house exteriors, and many others.

But do you know which of their videos became massively viral?

YouTube - What The Flip
YouTube - What The Flip

It’s when they made a drastic renovation to a 75-year-old kitchen.

This space had not been touched since 1948, and when the Flippers did, they ensured it was worth it.

The process

YouTube - What The Flip
YouTube - What The Flip

It starts with their demo.

They removed the old cabinets and demolished the sink.

They pretty much emptied the entire kitchen and completely took down the wall coverings as well as the floor tiles.

Seeing the uncovered floors, it was so old that they needed to sand it.

Thankfully, the outcome was great.

Then, they started painting.

The kitchen’s trim was the first thing they painted, and they made the perfect decision by painting it white.

This project shows that kitchen cabinets are expensive.

YouTube - What The Flip
YouTube - What The Flip

According to the Flippers, they spent $7,000 on the kitchen cabinets.

That’s 70% of their total budget.

Was it worth it?

Yes, it was.

It’s because these cabinets are custom American-made.

These pieces of furniture also succeeded in elevating the overall look of the kitchen.

As for the countertops, they opted to have a concrete countertop instead of marble or granite.

YouTube - What The Flip
YouTube - What The Flip

Many DIY enthusiasts are aware that this is not only cheaper, but it is also versatile.

Additionally, there are numerous options to design your concrete countertops, allowing you to customize them.

Don’t want a plain concrete countertop?

No problem, because you can also dye it with pigment stains.

In fact, you can choose colors that can resemble the look of granite or marble.

YouTube - Z Counterform
YouTube - Z Counterform

For the kitchen backsplash, they used classic white tiles.

It was the cheapest option, yet it still gave the sink a more classy look.

Not to mention how the faucet they chose boosted the aesthetic appeal of the entire basin.

Finishing touches for the whole kitchen makeover

YouTube - What The Flip
YouTube - What The Flip

A kitchen is not complete without appliances.

So the Flippers made sure to choose the right ones.

They didn’t fail to make it look modern and sleek kitchen.

Before and After

YouTube - What The Flip
YouTube - What The Flip

They also included a montage of the “before and after” look of the kitchen, and it says a lot.

No wonder why the video of this whole makeover went massively viral with 1.1 million views.

Many people were impressed by the new look that the Flippers made for this kitchen.

Here are what some of them had to say about their project.

“The video was straight to the point, I love the not-so-glamorous behind the scenes and I love the price transparency! The kitchen transformation was amazing!! You got yourself a new subscriber,” one YouTube user wrote.

Another commenter elaborated on the things she loved about the renovated kitchen.

“I really like that the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling. And the white on white is in right now. Very clean and love the countertops! Can’t believe you got so lucky with those floors too! Oh… I guess I loved all of it!

Watch the video below if you want to be amazed, too!

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