Woman that sees “tired old lady” when looking in mirror looks like a different person after makeover
Wow – she easily shed years off her image!
D.G. Sciortino

One day Molly Rae of Twin Falls, Idaho looked into the mirror and didn’t recognize herself.

“I looked in the mirror one day and was like, ‘There’s a tired old lady looking back at me,'” she said.

Since that look wasn’t working for her, she decided to switch it up and make a visit to Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy.


Hopkins has been known for his dramatic makeovers since the ones he did on TV shows like Oprah in the 90s.

Hopkins, the author of the best-selling book “Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45,” has also received standing ovations singing Broadway hits as a baritone with the world’s finest orchestras.

Christopher Hopkins on Good Company wearing his new sweater (with shoulder pads, of course).

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Molly said she decided to get a makeover because she was getting older and would like to be and feel like her best self, as well as be happy with herself and how she looks.

And she knew she was in the right hands so she wasn’t nervous about what her new look might be at all.

She was “taking the initiative to say I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and go get a makeover and let’s just see if it’s for me. I have to be responsible for me and my own happiness.”

What's so funny? Why are you taking my picture?

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Molly started out with long salt and pepper locks that went past her shoulders and was parted on the side.

It was just pin-straight without layers or anything like that, but Hopkins hacked all that off.

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He cut her hair above her shoulder to just under her chin in an angled bob that gave her hair lots of movement.

He also gave her a brand new part on the opposite side of her head.

Molly’s hair was dyed a light brown almost caramel color with some beautiful blonde highlights.


She was given a natural makeup job with light pink cheeks and lipstick, bronzer, and eye makeup that really opened up her eyes and make the blue color pop out.

Molly was overjoyed with her new look.

“I feel incredible. I feel uplifted, lighter, airier, happier,” she said.


“Thank you, you’ve been wonderful. Absolutely, a godsend, just wonderful,” she told Hopkins.

She wasn’t the only one who liked her new look.

The video of Molly’s makeover was viewed more than 613,000 times. People were overwhelmed by the incredible job Hopkins did.


“Christopher took at least 15 years off. I love how brave these ladies are for allowing him to take charge and work his magic,” one YouTube commenter said.

“She looks like she is her own daughter! This is brilliant! And I totally agree with everything she was saying about advertising. Thank you so much for another fantastic posting,” said another.


“Well, shut my mouth wide open. I’m catching flies over here. She looks incredibly different and you go girl!” said another.

Many said they felt empowered by some of the things Molly said in her video. You can watch it for yourself below.

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