Man shares simple trick for opening a jar in 1 second that works like a charm
I wish I learned this years ago - it’s a total game changer.
Jake Manning

There’s a viral video taking the internet by storm that demonstrates a quick and easy method to open a jar lid using a cutlery knife.

With numerous views, it’s clear that people are finding this technique incredibly useful.

Unlike other methods such as using elastic bands, rubber gloves, or hot water, this approach doesn’t rely on strength, making it accessible for everyone.

The simplicity and effectiveness of the method have garnered praise and astonishment from viewers who have struggled with stubborn jar lids for years.

The video begins by introducing the only tool required: a normal cutlery knife.


The presenter emphasizes that it’s best to use a knife that isn’t sharp to avoid injury.

A knife with a rounded top is ideal, but really, any cutlery knife will do the trick.

This alone sets the method apart from others that require specific tools or a considerable amount of physical effort.

The focus here is on ease and safety, making it a go-to solution for anyone.

One of the key points highlighted in the video is the presence of crimp marks on the underside of the jar lid.


These crimp marks are where the lid is securely attached to the jar during the sealing process.

By understanding this aspect of the jar’s design, the man lays the groundwork for the technique’s effectiveness.

The crimp marks are the weak points that, when targeted correctly, allow the lid to be easily removed.

The demonstration is straightforward and clear.

He places the cutlery knife next to one of the crimp marks on the jar lid.


Then, he gives the knife a little turn, applying just enough pressure to release the seal.

This action causes a subtle shift in the lid, breaking the vacuum seal without any significant effort.

The lid can then be easily popped off, much to the relief of anyone who has ever struggled with a stubborn jar.

What makes this method stand out is its practicality.

There’s no need for special tools or considerable strength.

The simplicity of using a common kitchen item like a cutlery knife means that this method is always within reach.

No more rummaging through drawers for rubber bands or waiting for hot water to loosen the lid.


The video’s popularity proves it’s a handy hack for your back pocket.

It’s clear that people are finding this technique to be a game-changer.

The comments section is filled with enthusiastic responses from viewers who have tried the method themselves.

One comment captures the widespread sentiment perfectly:

“Omg, the best jar-opening technique there is. It helps a lot. It’s exactly how he says it. I don’t believe I have been doing it wrong all these years!”

This strength-free method to open a sealed jar quickly is especially beneficial for those with limited hand strength or arthritis.

Traditional methods often exacerbate these issues, leading to frustration and even injury.

By contrast, using a cutlery knife to release the pressure at the crimp marks requires minimal effort and can be done swiftly and safely.


The effectiveness of this method lies in its ability to leverage the jar’s design to the user’s advantage.

By targeting the crimp marks, the knife essentially breaks the vacuum seal that keeps the lid tightly in place.

This understanding of the jar’s mechanics is what makes the technique so effective.

It’s a simple yet ingenious approach that anyone can master with just a bit of practice.


In a world filled with gadgets and gizmos promising to make life easier, sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

The viral video demonstrating how to open a jar lid with a cutlery knife is a perfect example.

It’s clear that this method is a winner.

Watch the video below to see how incredibly easy this jar-opening trick is!

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